Thursday, February 6, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: Living Dead Dolls & Horror

I can remember a time when multiple companies were introducing their creepy toy lines. Some had bears and some demon babies and one chose the classic doll format and scale, creating individual personalities for each with distinctive styling and a spooky little poem to top it off. That line was called Living Dead Dolls and 16 years later, Mezco is celebrating with their 27th series and some surprises...

Spirits and ghouls from around the world,
Things that go bump in the night,
The form in shadow in the corner of the room,
Beasts that avoid the light,
All of them gather in defiance of heaven,
We proudly present...Living Dead Dolls 27!

The theme is "Myths and Legends from around the world" with Mephistopheles, Banshee, Milu, Spring-Heeled Jack and Hopping Vampire.

Also on hand were The Headless Horseman

And 16th Anniversary White Posey

Horror has always been a major subject of Mezco products. Yesterday, we mis-identified a new doll as being part of the LDD line, but it turns out the Mother from Psycho is actually a Roto Plush. Alongside of her, you'll spot the Universal Monsters, but note no new additions to the line. We also got a look at new Child's Play products with 16" Talking Chucky and Tiffany Plush (Summer 2014), a Bride of Chucky 15" Figure (Fall 2014) and Jumbo Decorative Plush (Summer 2014).

New York Toy Fair is less than two weeks away, so keep checking back for more!
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