Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Walker Wednesdays: Diamond Select's Walking Dead Comic Minimates

Celebrating the return of zombies to prime time television, we present WALKER WEDNESDAYS! It still blows my mind that a show about people attempting to survive a zombie apocalypse is getting phenomenal ratings every time it claws its way back to your TV screen. Walker Wednesdays will celebrate that triumph. We may not do it EVERY Wednesday, because there is a finite amount of zombie stuff we can scrounge up and only so many hours in the day, but for the next couple of weeks, we'll have some fun with the undead. Ready? Let's get started...

Diamond Select knows the power of the zombie, having attempted to create an original line of Minimates before scoring the actual Walking Dead comic book license. The line is now 4 series deep with a 5th dropping this April and we've got a nice sampling of those releases for you to check out!

Walking Dead Minimates in these pictures include:

Series 1
Rick and Zombie Roamer
Herd Zombie 1 and Herd Zombie 2
Dale and Herd Zombie 3
Dale Winter Coat and Herd Zombie 3

Series 2
Michonne and One-Eyed Zombie
Sailor Zombie and Cute Zombie
Andrea and Stabbed Zombie
Amy and Stabbed Zombie

Series 4
The Governor with Gabe
Michonne (Poncho) with Bruce
Prison Lori with Shoulder Zombie
Alice with Shoulder Zombie

Prison Outbreak Set with Battle-damaged Rick Grimes, Michonne, and 2 exclusive zombies

And the SDCC exclusive Vacation Zombie.

Series 4 in in stores now. Hit your local comic shop to order Walking Dead Minimates today!

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