Sunday, February 16, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: The Bridge Direct Strawberry Shortcake

Hey, this one was requested! ....and I like pleasing people. Amid The Bridge Direct's WWE Construction toys and The Hobbit action figures was a line who survived the 80's, continually going toe to toe with My Little Pony and the DemiGod, Barbie, herself. This destroyer's name is STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!! ~shudder~

On display were...

"Berry Best Friends" : Dolls with animal friends
"Sweet Beats Dolls" : Dolls with stage outfits and instruments
Dolls with mini playsets like salon items or a stove

Styling dolls
Singing Strawberry Shotcake
Berry Bitty Dolls (smaller sized dolls)
A singing microphone, dress up set, and plush doll and a jamming guitar

New York Toy Fair starts TODAY, so keep checking back for more!
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  1. Thank you so much for posting these! I've been eagerly waiting to see the new Strawberry Shortcake toys for so long! :D

  2. Thank you so much for posting these pictures. We in the SSC community are salivating over them! Could you tell us the size of the dolls in the pictures and if you have any photos of the mini dolls? Thank you so much!

    1. I assumed these were the standard size dolls that have been seeing release. I did shoot some minis. It's just hard for us to push hard through a long day at toy fair shooting near 2k pic between is and then come back and keep our eyes open long enough to post articles! The My Little Pony article almost read PONIES (insert 10 pics).... POOOOONIEEEEES ...insert 5 pics... I promise we have lots to share with info and images and video and while we won't post a whole lot DURING the show, I think you'd rather us shoot like maniacs while we have the opportunity and then post it all when it's over.

  3. Nice grab for Bridge Direct. Seriously more rock band stuff. (What's with every girl property now getting into a Rock band) Now if Strawberry Short Cake can stay out of litigation court for the next couple of years it might go somewhere. (I surprised anyone wanted to have anything to do with any American Greeting Licence after the last couple of years, although taking the company private probably helped.)

  4. Bridge Direct S. Shortcake toys are brilliant. Hope they do Mr. Longface Caterpillar, the Berrykins and Pupcake too along with some strawberry plants.