Friday, May 23, 2014

Little Itty Bitty X-Men: Days of Future Past Figures

In the world of collectibles, the smaller you go in scale, the larger a universe you can build. Marvel Legends 6 inch figures boast a large array of characters, but even after years of production, there are still a ton of holes to be filled. Marvel Universe has been around for a fraction of that time and they probably can claim a larger array of characters from main stream to obscure. Head on down to Diamond Select's Marvel Minimates and you'll find a crazy massive army comprised of the entire history of your favorite core characters, story arc specific groupings and mega obscure creations found in three comics tops. Today, our journey delves into the teeny tiny world of Wizkids HeroClix, the only place you'll find both future and past COMIC ACCURATE crews including a complete Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Here's the rundown via

001 Sentinel
001e Sentinel
001r Sentinel
002 Ariel
003 Colossus
003r Colossus
004 Avalanche
005 Angel
006 Pyro
006bt Flame Construct
007 Franklin Richards
008 Senator Robert Kelly
009 Nightcrawler
010 Rachel Summers
011 Destiny
012 Storm
013 Wolverine
014 Colossus
015 Blob
016 Moira MacTaggert
017 Magneto
018 Mystique
019 Wolverine
020 Sprite
021 Storm
022 Professor X
023 Sentinel Alpha 3
023e Sentinel Alpha 3
023r Sentinel Alpha 3
024 Nimrod
024e Nimrod
024r Nimrod
G001 Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode)
G001e Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode)
G001r Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode)
G002 Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode)
G002e Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode)
G002r Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode)
H001 Sentinel (Hunter)
H002 Sentinel Sentry
H003 Human Protestor
H004 Mutant Protestor

We are missing Modern Storm, Modern Kitty Pryde (Sprite), Moira MacTaggert, Protestors, the super sneaky, not even found one per case Nimrod and chase pieces, as well as the Sentinel Alpha 3 that's being released along with this set and all the variations of Sentinels I'l probably never know anything about as I was never able to learn how to play the game. For those who collect these things actively, know that we pulled from a full gravity feed box and wound up with 4 to 5 doubles. You have to give credit to the game creators for incorporating unique sculpts for characters who have already had a release. You also can't deny the level of quality put into such tiny little figures, each one only measuring around 2 inches tall.

For those looking for the most psychotically impressive array of Marvel Universe characters in one collection, you can't possibly hope to beat HeroClix..and the fact that they don't eat up a lot of space (until you own a few hundred) could push you right into a habit that's hard to break. With each piece either single pack bind baggie at around 3 dollars a pop, or in a booster box of 4 for 10 to 12 a pop, the combination of low price and the addicting chance of getting rare pieces may prove too hard to resist. ...And who day you might actually play the game too! Happy Hunting!

Click HERE for our full gallery of images from our photo shoot.
Thanks to Wizkids for letting us shoot up their X-Men: Days of Future Past line!

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