Friday, May 9, 2014

Snowpiercer Looks INSANE

In the year 2014, to combat global warming, a chemical is released into the atmosphere, but with disastrous results. The world soon becomes completely covered in ice and snow.

Now in the year 2031, life on Earth is barren except on the train Snowpiercer. The train has been circling the world perpetually for years. The train has a 1001 coaches with passengers separated between the first class and coach. The first class passengers are wealthy patrons who paid for their expensive tickets when the train was first set to launch. Passengers in coach are free loaders who boarded the train out of sheer desperation. Life for the coach passengers are hellish as they are fed only a mysterious substance known as protein jelly and are kept in line by the threat of violence by security. A man from the coach section named Curtis then sets out to take over the engine room and free his people from the tyranny of the first class passengers. Meanwhile, a Korean man named Namgoong Min-Soo possesses inside knowledge on how to bypass the security systems found within each section of the train. Hit the jump for the trailer...

Snowpiercer hits theaters June 27th. What an incredibly fun year for movies!!!

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