Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dissecting the Batman VS Superman Batman Outfit

Yesterday, Director Zack Snyder gave us a slight flash of the back end of his new Batmobile for the Batman Vs Superman film (aka The Justice League..or so we can assume since they've cast practically the whole bloody team). Of course, that was enough to set the geek world ablaze. Consensus of opinions..based on that sliiiiiver of vehicle peeking out from the tarp... it is probably a mix of the old school Burton Batmobile and the Nolan Tumbler. That profile certainly backs up that assessment. While giving this tiny peek, Snyder also teased he might show the whole thing today. What we got was a little different...
Yesterday's Tease

Shrouded in heavy shadow, we can assume this is the first shot of Ben Affleck in full Batman attire, with a bit of the Batmobile's front end behind him...just so we can't say Snyder didn't stick to his word and give us a revealed Bat-vehicle. Through the magic of Photoshop, we turn up the lights a bit and push the limits of this photo to see what it reveals.

Getting His Brood On

Die hard Bat-freaks will instantly note the resemblance to Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" Bat-suit, complete with shorter ears and wider, bulkier bat symbol across his chest.

The fins remain on the gauntlets, as do the knuckles seen on later movie Bat-suits. The belt is far less flashy than we've seen in any film version (as to not draw gunfire, perhaps? Very real world move!) and might actually include pouches for classic comic gadgetry. (excited yet?) It also seems they've gone with a seamless cowl flowing directly into the cape, which, while more comic accurate (and cooler), is something we had let go of in favor of a Batman who could turn his head. I'll also point out it's very likely this Batman is trunkless, in line with that Earth rattling aesthetic change made to Superman in the "Man of Steel" film by the same director. No reason to believe he'll add super hero shorts to his theatrical realization of Batman. Little extra details include the mesh-like texture we also saw in the "Man of Steel" suit, a profile that goes heavy on muscle tone (so less armor, more human perhaps?) and lines running along the length, reminding us of the New52 comic book Batman costume. In fact, you can argue this borrows just as much from the New52 suit as it does from the "Dark Knight Returns" model, which must make Warner Bros. and DC Comics very happy.

We now wait for more reveals from Mr. Snyder and the slow...oh so painful crawl toward May 2016 when this massive film will finally reach theaters. Luckily, we'll have half a dozen or more Marvel film projects to tide us over in that time.

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