Friday, May 23, 2014

SDCC 2014: Hasbro's Marvel Action Figure Exclusives

San Diego Comic Con!! Good lord....I don't even want to think about this massive comic convention yet, but it's coming, and nothing is going to stop it. USAToday, that geek mecca of pop culture plastics news, has revealed two of Hasbro's San Diego Comic Con 2014 Exclusives. These come from the ever present Marvel Universe and both focus on their newest would-be cinematic titan...THANOS! Could you tell Hasbro is ready to celebrate Guardians of the Galaxy?

The Infinity Gauntlet 3.75 inch action figure set ($74.99) features Nebula, Starfox, Mistress Death and the cosmic villain Thanos, alongside a bonus foam Infinity Gauntlet for you to wear as you attempt to conquer the DMV.

The Thanos Imperative Marvel Legends Infinite Series 6-inchaction figure set ($99.99) features Black Bolt, Medusa, Gladiator, Blastaar and Star-Lord in Galactus engine packaging.

All items will be available at the Hasbro Toy Shop Booth #3329 at San Diego Comic Con with a limited number made available on after the show.

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