Thursday, May 15, 2014

Celebrate Godzilla Day with Diamond Select's Vinyl Figural Bank

GODZILLA DAY IS HEEEEERE!! It is the day I can give my beloved fellow journos the finger as I'm FINALLY seated for the 7pm screening of Godzilla...the film they watched a week ago...without me (rotten bastards). To celebrate and get us in a kaiju ass kicking mood, we take a closer look at Diamond Select's newest beast...the Godzilla Classic 1989 Vinyl Figural Bank!!

"This vinyl bank of the city-destroying and alien-fighting lizard called Godzilla is based on his appearance in the 1989 movie "Godzilla vs. Biollante"! Cast in sturdy vinyl, the bank features a coin slot on his back, as well as an access door hidden inside his removable tail! Stands 12 inches tall and measures 18 inchesto the tip of his tail! Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios! (Item #JAN141921, SRP: $34.99)"

Click HERE to pre-order from Entertainment Earth
or HERE from AMAZON at a bit of a discount

Since Diamond Select's Godzilla is a bank, as expected, he's hollow and so not as heavy as you'd suspect from his size. Given the nature of these vinyl pieces, he's still quite sturdy. I would be wary about swinging him around by the tail, though, as a break on one of the little tabs means it won't stay on anymore and'll cry xtra large geek tears...and we don't want that.

     - Very nice size at a very reasonable price! Where else are you going to walk into a store and spend 35 bucks on a monstrous, classic Godzilla?? This is sure to be in super high demand when the movie starts blowing up be aware, if you haven't ordered one already, they are going to disappear very quickly.

     - Great classic look with a superior sculpt. With Gentle Giant on the job, would you expect anything less? Every fold in those fantastically chubby legs is captured here. Speaking of capturing chub...

Take That, Japan...and..I guess Matt Reeves.

     - HE WILL KEEP YOUR COINS SAFE FROM ALL MANNER OF MARAUDING MONSTERS!! Except..maybe your house mates. With a twist of the tail, your money is exposed and free to pay off the pizza guy. Godzilla will give them a disapproving look though...and save some pizza for you (no he won't..he's plastic..but imagination is fun.)

     - The paint job is not so hot. Along with the light weight of these mass market vinyl pieces comes limited paint applications and not so perfect paint jobs to keep costs down. Also be aware these vinyl pieces are prone to scuffing, so be sure to keep them from knocking into your other plastics.

     - Godzilla will not bite, tail whip, atomic flame up or otherwise demolish your enemies; more's the pity. 

Diamond Select's Godzilla Classic 1989 Vinyl Figural Bank is on sale NOW, so give your local comic shop a ring and have them order you one before they are all gone...or if you'd like to stay planted in your seat, hit one of the links above and await kaiju bliss!

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