Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Superjail Season 4 Preview

You've still got a full 22 or so days until Cartoon Network's Adult Swim launches the 4th blood soaked season of SUPERJAIL!! ...but today, the crew gave us a look at two episodes so we'll weigh in on whether the show has jumped the mutated, half robot shark or is still as ultra psychotic as it ever was.

It's the latter. See..now you can go about your day feeling warm and fuzzy. Want specifics? OK then. I always knew you were high maintenance.

Premiering Sunday June 15th: SUPERHELL- The Warden and Ash have become vengeful flame creatures ruling over a hell-like-landscape where, if you've been flayed alive and burned down til your bones are dust...you're one of the lucky ones! Meanwhile, Alice and Lord Stingray seem to be reenacting the opening scene from "Star Trek: Into Darkness" (except the white alien tribesmen are snarling, fleshy aliens) as they race back to Superjail to attempt to restore order. High point in the show comes when The Mistress arrives (Warden of Ultra-Prison), raining down on her enemies with lethal flower power and sexy robot doom in a scene that will make you long for a full length Superjail musical! Ever the non-stop meat grinder of highly inventive pain, Superjail returns stronger than ever!

Premiering Sunday July 6th: Superjail Inquisitor - As they rebuild Superjail from the latest catastrophe, the inmates find they can manipulate the Warden by cranking out stories claiming sightings of his favorite cryptozoological creature (Weekly World news style). What they failed to calculate is the Warden's over-obsessive nature, and the possibility of incurring the wrath of aliens who don't like smack talk! With re-occuring notes of "The Neverending Story", this episode delivers on hilarity, childhood-warping imagery and a fantastically violent finale starring all your favorite made-up news headlines. Amazing.

Superjail starts up again Sunday, June 15th on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block.

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