Sunday, May 11, 2014

The First "Constantine" Trailer

First Impressions: Mixed feelings. It's clear they borrowed a lot from the movie a lot of you would like to forget, in order to incorporate an American character. Getting past all that, this TV Constantine might just have the charisma to pull it off! You'll also note that it looks like they put a significant amount of cash and talent behind making the project look fantastic...which will go a long way toward locking people in from day 1. Very wise move. Of course, if they don't go full on bastard with the character, they've missed why Hellblazer was published for so long in the first place...and if the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has taught us anything, it's the time of the Ahole! Bring John Constantine to TV in all his punk rock, gritty, shit-eating grin wearing glory and you'll have a hit on your hands. Fail to pull the trigger and you'll just have a poor substitute for Supernatural....which is still going strong. Hit the jump for the trailer...

Coming to NBC this fall!

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