Saturday, July 26, 2014

SDCC 2014: Hasbro's Mind Blowing Marvel Action Figure Diorama

At a show like San Diego Comic-Con, there are amazing things to see around every corner, for every flavor of fan the universe has to offer. For me, obviously toys draw a great deal of the oo'ong and ahhh'ing from me, but one spectacle in particular always makes my head tilt slightly like a puppy and my jaw slowly drop open as if to say "It's all full of stars...." Looking at the pictures websites are turning in of Hasbro's mighty Marvel Comics action figure diorama, you'll note the similar faces of the folks shot inadvertently on the other side of the case...eyes glossed over..head fixed...jaw slightly ajar.  Emilie Noetzel knows we want to pour over this massive display from the comfort of our own homes, looking for new characters never produced before (until we beg for 3 years) and simply taking in the glory of this fine, fine work, and so with our hopes and dreams in her mind....she took a f*!k ton of pictures. Approximately 1 f*!k ton.


1. Devil Dinosaur is back: Fans on Facebook have taken to calling this "Poking the bear" they beg Hasbro to make a boxed set and be done with it and Hasbro goes NUH UH! ...but they'll put the damn thing in a display case in the middle of Comic-Con...thus POKING THE BEAR. You'll see Devil Dinosaur fighting alongside his hairy little buddy Moon-Boy..but more importantly...who is the golden guy? No need to panic and run to the Marvel's just Heimdall from the first Thor movie line. No idea what he's doing back there, though.

2. Purple Man and The Hood are back. More bear poking.

3. CAT FIGHT! Yes, we are adults. Yes, we are civilized human beings. Deadpool is none of those things....though I guess he is TECHNICALLY an adult, he can be very childish..and so the sitting back with his feet up while a fight rages on all around him should be no surprise, but upon further inspection, he is most likely getting a ringside seat for some girl on girl action as Dark Pheonix goes toe to toe with Emma Frost! Meanwhile, off to the side, Cyclops is in full on emo anguish. Hysterical. Side note: 3.75 inch Emma Frost!!

4. That Galactus...oh man. It seems there are LOTS of new parts on that figure. Is it likely we'll see a new Galactus super sized figure release soon? Probably not. The whole thing seems entirely new, seeing as how massive it looks...but it is hard to tell when you aren't standing in front of it. Maybe Hasbro will throw us a bone and release him as one of those giant roto figures that are selling so well at stores across America? One can dream.

5. Red She Hulk! or is she Savage She Hulk? I'm behind on my comic reading. It's too damn expensive these days. Anyway...she's red.

6. As the Thors battle and Enchantress looks on, another female in green watches from another corner. Possible Morgan le Fey from last year's display...if that's who that was supposed to be riding the Pteranodon? Mayyyyybe.

7. Shadowcat looks like Mira Sorvino. Never noticed that before.

Hulk and Abomination are about to pummel each other with heavy machinery, Doctor Strange, Warlock and Doctor Doom team up to fend off Galactus, Team Spider-Man face off against his classic foes, a Sentinel is getting his metal a$$ handed to him, The Guardians of the Galaxy face Thanos and deep in the recesses of the castle, Moon Knight, Blade and Venom demolish a whole pack of Gold Ultrons that may have been summoning the Blair Witch. AWESOME. Here's a sampling of the uber battle...

Click HERE for the full Hasbro Marvel action figure diorama gallery! 
Photography by Emilie Noetzel - Http://

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