Monday, July 14, 2014

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie Figures Arrive

In a little more than three weeks, Michael Bay's vision of a New York City that giant, mutated ass kicking turtles call home will come to the big it or not! Playmates, the uber masters of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, take to the pegs once more to bring these film characterizations to life in the shiniest of plastics. Let's take a highly detailed look at most of the basic action figure lineup!

In the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, the character designs push individuality as we've never seen before. You'll note Raphael is stockier than Leonardo, and Donatello is taller than the lot. Thankfully, Playmates have reflected these significant differences in physique with some great sculpts packed with detail. Exploring each figure, you'll find buckles and straps and wrappings and skin texture and a host of other little surprises we haven't been used to finding in a basic figure line lately.

Unfortunately, the paint applications don't compliment these details, as we find green colored armor and other elements painted all one color, most likely to save cash. Most notably, you'll notice the eyes of each turtle are left solid while, and accessories are void of paint all together. On the first point, we can possibly chalk that up to early movie designs mimicking the classic comics, in which they has white eyes when masked. Let's face it..giant turtles carrying weapons with blank just creepy. On the second, it can be argued that the lack of paint on accessories is a nod to the classic Turtles toy lines, in which most of their accessories were painted only one color, but again, I'm betting this falls back to cutting costs. I'm sure the thinking is that these are toys meant for children and kids don't care about such things, but as a collector, I noticed these omissions instantly. Something to think about!

Articulation is fair, with a lot of it held back by sculpting choices, but still more points found here than in the lowest price point of most comparable toy lines, and especially in movie lines that tend to go cheap on the lower end. With a scale in line with previous TMNT releases, you'll be grumbling that you can't pull off the perfect Avengers/ TMNT team up..and worse, will find it hard to army build that Foot Soldier, who, without the odd translucent mask, makes the perfect generic thug. SO CLOSE!!! The way he is now, he looks like a kid who has turned to a life of crime.

 Put down that gun, son...and come to the library with me.

In action, he's a little more passbible.

The stand-out figure of the line is Raphael In Disguise! Your kids will have him trotting along imaginary city streets mumbling "nothing to see here...extra large hunchback with a sunlight sensitivity coming through.." He's...just hysterical...and would probably look killer alongside The Thing with his trench coat and glasses on. SUPER HERO TRENCH COAT CLUB FOREVER!!!


Low point in the line...Splinter...who sort of looks like an alien humanoid ....cow.

There's no denying the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie Basic figure line is packed with fun at a price point ($9 in most places) that won't make your pockets hurt. While the figures are clearly for kids, Playmates understand we might want to get our hands on one..or two..or the extra effort is appreciated. Most stores are getting their shipments as we speak, so head out and hunt down your favorites..and we'll see you at the movies on August 8th!

We've got lots more from this photo shoot in our Flickr galleries, so CLICK HERE and dive on in!


  1. Hey what playset are you using with your movie turtles?

    1. I believe its a headquarters from M&C toys. I think their current lines are called World peacekeepers.

  2. Is that the UN flag? ...or the WHO flag? I so wanna know what this is...