Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SDCC 2014: Pre-Show: On the Show Floor with DC, Marvel, Legendary, NECA, Teddy Scares & More

A little under 3 hours and the flood gates will open as the rabid hordes of geekdom storm the castle known as SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2014!!! As the hour creeps closer, our friends from 15 years of dorky news coverage are scrambling to finish their booths and make themselves presentable for the public, all of which doesn't stop them from showing off their spaces! Let's take a look around the show floor and discuss what's being unveiled this year...

We're being told this year's Comic-Con theme is "in mourning" as evidenced by the black tarps and drapes EVERYWHERE. In years past, a small group of ninja-like press could run the floor and snap pics of every little thing without being bothered much at all. Come Thursday, that story would change drastically as security would warn you to stay with your booth, as the other vendors don't want pre-show photography. This year it seems NO ONE wants pre-show photography, as a couple of our friends were already shoo'd away and threatened with ejection if they took one more fuzzy camera phone picture. Serious crack down, huh? Never the less, we have some tidbits to share.

The DC Comics booth is celebrating the Batman anniversary hardcore with a display of Batman costumes from feature films past. We've not had confirmation that the new Bat-suit is among them. Our bet is no..too soon...but it's possible there will be SOME reveal for the film that is not Justice League but stars most of the Justice League; namely Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. We've spotted at least 6 Bat-costumes and a super sized statue at the center of it all. Not to be outdone, we are told Mattel is showing off their movie Max Steel costumes.

The Legendary booth is assembling a large wall-o-Dracula, no doubt for Dracula Untold, releasing this Fall. Within the booth we spotted a Pacific Rim Jaeger Pilot Simulator which just looked like chairs and some gear, so perhaps another Oculus Rift-y experience coupled with a vibrating chair? One for the living room, please!


WETA is tightly under wraps, with a large creature peeking out from the top of their booth. Obviously he's shy..and quite honestly we can't make out what that might be. Definitely not a dragon of some sort...

 Nope..too covered. Can't make it out at all.

Signs of Guardians of the Galaxy celebration are sprinkled throughout the convention floor with a large ship parked alongside the Marvel Comic's booth, a large LEGO Rocket and Groot build and a tease for Gentle Giant's upcoming sculpture, alongside evidence of Rebels pieces and at least 1 addition to their in house IP, Honey Trap.

SPEAKING of new toys, NECA is teasing away from the show floor, having just revealed a Robocop Vs Terminator toy line! Damn this crew sure does seem to be having fun making new action figures lately! They also gave a sneak peek of their new Aliens additions fans have been anticipating for a long, long....long time. Wish, fulfilled. Thanks, Randy!


Diamond Select is also on full on tease mode, showing off glimpses of new Plants vs Zombies figures, Marvel Villains Zombie Minimates, Mass Effect Minimates and the awesome bannerific side of their booth.


We've seen a Nickelodeon display so colorful you'll get fits looking directly into it, a castle coming together at the Outlander booth, and out buddies at Teddy Scares getting ready for a full a very full week ahead!

Stay tuned for TONS more soon!

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