Monday, July 28, 2014

Deadpool Movie Test Footage?

Looks videogamey, but maybe it was a "proof of concept" sort of thing where they whipped this up to show how much fun the actual movie could be? Also, that sure does sound like Ryan Reynolds!  DISCUSS!

UPDATE: This is the real deal! ..well as real as a piece of test footage gets. Now in beautiful HD, we can catch all the little subtle Deadpool drawing the picture with a crayon at the start on the bridge, which is what he shows to the motorcycle thug right before he takes his head. Extra awesome for an already amazing piece! We also didn't get that final line in the low res version...which brings it all home. Perfection. A whole movie of this would leave audiences in tears, begging for the pain in their splitting sides to go away. So what is FOX waiting for? Maybe the success of formerly perceived "longshot", ie; Guardians of the Galaxy, this weekend will seal the deal, though it's fairly obvious Deadpool is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe. Shouldn't that spell no-brainer? Maybe they think the tone of the film, which would HAVE to be rated R, mixed with non-stop comedy is the risky proposition? Whatever the case may be, I think the release of this "leaked" footage, and then the mysterious second leak of better footage is their way of saying...we are listening. Word of mouth is strong. Deadpool movie...imminent...

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  1. Bad CGI graphics aside, this is exactly the tone of humor and violence I would expect of a Deadpool movie. It's a slim chance, but perhaps the success of Guardians movie will encourage Disney/Marvel to take a chance with material like this. Hey, we can hope!