Thursday, July 24, 2014

SDCC 2014: Warcraft Movie Teased with Props and Title

At San Diego Comic-Con 2014, there are bound to be many major film announcements, sneak peeks, trailers premiered...hell Loki showed up last year and made the whole audience in Hall H pledge their loyalty. THAT WAS AMAZING. This year, those of you accustomed to going on Orc slaying  parties, or conversely, are Orcs just going slaying on any typical night ... you've got something to celebrate.

THE WORLD OF WARCRAFT MOVIE IS COMING!!! ...and it's called ....WARCRAFT!! Pretty sly, eh? The title was announced with little fanfare above an entry at the Legendary Films booth, accompanied by a war hammer, sword and shield....perhaps from the movie?

 The film is said to follow the themes, settings and characters introduced in the first couple of video games bearing the same name. Film makers have promised this will not be a re-interpretation of the material, but a faithful cinematic telling of the lore set up by the game creators in an epic as expansive and impressive as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Those are some might big boots to fill!

It's only day 1, so there's plenty more to come! Photography by Emilie Noetzel - Http://

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