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A Masterpiece in Disarray: David Lynch’s Dune. An Oral History

A Masterpiece in Disarray: David Lynch’s Dune. An Oral History
On September 19, 2023, 1984 Publishing will release A Masterpiece In Disarray: David Lynch’s Dune – An Oral History, a defining 560-page hardcover book weaving together the behind-the-scenes events from all production phases of David Lynch’s Dune, including the film’s immediate aftermath and its controversial legacy almost 40 years later.

Following his underground hit Eraserhead and critically acclaimed The Elephant Man, visionary filmmaker David Lynch set his sights on bringing Frank Herbert’s beloved sci-fi novel Dune to the screen. The project had already vexed directors such as Alejandro Jodorowsky (El Topo) and Ridley Scott (Alien). But by the early ‘80s Lynch was given the keys to the kingdom – and one of the highest film budgets at the time – so that he could lend his surrealistic chops to this sprawling story of feuding space dynasties. They would also hopefully be creating a “Star Wars for adults” franchise-starter. 

As the hot young filmmaker commanded a cast with 42 major speaking parts as well as a crew of 1,700 (plus over 20,000 extras) on 80 sets built on 8 sound stages in Mexico, what happened next became as wild, complex, and full of intrigue as Herbert’s novel itself.

Film writer Max Evry goes behind the erratic ride of David Lynch’s Dune like never before, with a years-in-the-making oral history culled from a lineup of new interviews with the film’s stars, creatives, film executives, and insiders – not to mention Lynch himself.

A Masterpiece in Disarray David Lynch’s Dune An Oral History pages 1

David Lynch’s Dune initially left many filmgoers and reviewers scratching their heads, most dismissing the film upon its release. However, four decades and a big-budget remake later, Lynch’s Dune is finally poised to find its rightful place alongside the director’s other masterpieces such as Blue Velvet and Mullholland Drive.

Author Max Evry: "Dune has always been the black sheep of David Lynch's filmography. After spending two years speaking to dozens of people involved in its making, hopefully readers of this book will come away thinking of Dune not only as a proper Lynch movie, but a worthy entry into the pantheon of sci-fi greats. They will also get hints of how it came to be so compromised, and how mind-blowing it could have been. In our modern era of cookie cutter blockbusters, Dune stands as a glorious oddity worthy of reconsideration."

A Masterpiece in Disarray David Lynch’s Dune An Oral History pages 2A Masterpiece in Disarray David Lynch’s Dune An Oral History pages 3

On Tuesday, September 5 in the US and Canada, and Thursday, September 7 in Europe, 1984 Publishing will release the initial hardbound edition of A Masterpiece in Disarray in limited deluxe packaging that includes red foil-gilded page edges and a black satin ribbon marker. Cover design is by celebrated artist Chris Thornley (a.k.a. “Raid 71”), who has also illustrated for Marvel, Lego, X-Box, and ESPN.

The limited first edition of A Masterpiece in Disarray will debut worldwide everywhere books are sold, including your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Bookshop in the US, Amazon or Waterstones in the UK, and Amazon or Indigo in Canada. Wholesale inquiries can be made to Consortium, Ingram (UK and US), PGC (Canada), Baker & Taylor, and more.

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