Tuesday, September 12, 2023

SCARECROW VIDEO Launches New Rental Website

SCARECROW VIDEO  Launches New Rental Website
Scarecrow Video, the country’s largest publicly accessible, non-profit video archive, has launched their revamped website, making it easier than ever for movie fans nationwide to rent DVDs and Blu-rays™ by mail! Their vast library collection features more than 145,000 film & TV titles on multiple formats, from VHS to 4K, including not only recent studio releases, but rare, noncommercial, hard-to-find & out-of-print titles, and complete collections otherwise inaccessible to the general public.*

With an ever-changing digital landscape where films and TV series risk fading into obscurity, Scarecrow Video’s mission is to preserve the future of physical media. Serving  as custodians of cinematic history, and dedicated to ensuring this heritage remains accessible to all, Scarecrow’s collection contains thousands of films that exist exclusively on physical media, extending the life of classic (cult or otherwise) treasures that remain beyond the reach of streaming services, such as:

All That Jazz
Looking for Mr. Goodbar
Il Postino
Jungle Fever
Shall We Dance (1996)
I Shot Andy Warhol
Heavenly Creatures
Band of Outsiders
Near Dark
Pink Floyd: The Wall
Super Mario Bros (1993)
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Poison Ivy
200 Cigarettes
TV’s “Moonlighting” & “Murphy Brown”
…and more!

With an impressive collection, spanning 130 countries and nearly 130 years of filmed entertainment, there is truly something for everyone and the passionate team behind Scarecrow Video constantly curates fun & informative sections to help consumers to discover new films and videos across a wide range of subject matters, from Spaghetti Westerns to Psychotronic Horror…and Bigfoot! Also, be sure to check out  Viva Physical Media, Scarecrow Video’s movie recommendation show hosted by the Scarecrow staff on YouTube, and participate in The Psychotronic Challenge, their annual October horror movie-a-day competition!

 Check out the new Scarecrow Video Rental Site at: https://scarecrowvideo.org/rent-by-mail

*Please note, some titles and formats are only available for local rental. See site for details.

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