Thursday, September 21, 2023

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Zombies - Welcome to Operation Deadbolt

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III ZOMBIES
For the first time in Call of Duty history, Zombies is coming to the Modern Warfare universe in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. Developed by Treyarch in collaboration with Sledgehammer Games, Modern Warfare Zombies will take players to the largest Zombies map ever, set in an open-world experience where squads will be challenged to take on the undead in Operation Deadbolt.

Those who preorder Modern Warfare III will be able to instantly unlock the "Zombie Ghost" Operator Skin, which can be used in Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone at the start of Season 06, and will carry forward to Modern Warfare III on November 10.

Exploring the Lore

“Until we know what’s going on, containment is the name of the game. No one gets in and nothing, I mean nothing, gets out.” — Soap

Terminus Outcomes

In this iteration of Zombies, there are enemies both undead and alive. The threat from the living arrives in the form of Terminus Outcomes, a private military company hired by Zakhaev as muscle. Led by one Jack Fletcher — the surviving soldier alongside Zakhaev at the end of the trailer — the PMC makes no judgment on their clients’ motives or ethics. If the money is good, the job is on.

Veterans of the Dark Aether Zombies narrative will recognize the substance contained in the vials: Aetherium, now in a highly enriched state derived from processing vast amounts of the harvested crystalline form.

Operation Deadbolt

An emergency contingency plan put into action by the CIA, Operation Deadbolt was created in the aftermath of the outbreak events witnessed by Requiem operatives during the events of the Cold War.

SSO Laswell is given the job of prepping the plan, placing SSO Selma Greene on the ground as the de facto commander of the operation. When the team arrives at the Exclusion Zone alongside Soap and Ravenov, a few weeks have elapsed since the events shown in the first part of the trailer.

As a member of the team, your Operator joins other multi-national Operators to counter the threat posed by the Exclusion Zone, all running under the basic tenants of Operation Deadbolt: “Nothing gets in, nothing gets out.”

Modern Warfare: Zombies: Available at Launch

Prepare to face off against a greater quantity of undead than ever before as the members of Operation Deadbolt embark on difficult and multi-stage tasks as Soap and company attempt to stop Zakhaev and Terminus from plundering more resources, all while attempting to contain the current threat before it spreads out of control.

Combining the very best of Modern Warfare map features and systems with the tried-and-true core features of Treyarch Zombies, Modern Warfare Zombies presents an all-new twist on the fan-favorite third game mode, launching alongside the Campaign and Multiplayer when Modern Warfare III releases.

Get ready to contain the incursion across different regions that escalate in difficulty, with core Zombies features and a cavalcade of secrets to discover. Ready up for an open-world, player-versus-environment (PvE) extraction survival experience shared with other squads, along with a number of special story missions. Expect to face a variety of unique elements, challenges, as well as cinematics to reinforce the major story developments. Take on the hordes of undead this fall on November 10, 2023. 

Preorder MWIII, Unlock Zombie Ghost (*)

Modern Warfare III Zombie Ghost Operator Skin

In addition to all of the benefits you can receive for preordering Modern Warfare III detailed in this blog post, there’s a new preorder benefit you can claim: Soon you can instantly unlock the “Zombie Ghost” Operator Skin by pre-ordering or pre-purchasing any Digital edition of Modern Warfare III (either Standard/Cross-Gen, or Vault Edition).

If you preorder before the start of Modern Warfare II Season 06, Zombie Ghost will be available for you to use on September 27.

If you preorder after September 27, Zombie Ghost will be available for you to use immediately.

The Zombie Ghost Operator Skin can be used in Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: WarzoneTM, and will carry forward, meaning it will also be available in Modern Warfare III, starting at game launch.

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