Tuesday, June 5, 2012

E3 Preview Trailers : Assassins, MEGA Robots, Marvels & Monsters

E3 is making noise all over the gaming world at the moment but us....we don't play religiously..do we? With that in mind, Idle Hands is scanning the news to find the bits among the terabytes we think will get you excited for a weekend bender of gameplay and a grin from ear to ear. Here's the latest pile of awesome...

Assassin's Creed III : Liberation - The latest chapter in the Assassin's Creed saga follows a female slicer-dicer as she cuts a swath through the Louisiana Rebellion. Graphics look tight, the style is unmistakable and the catch...you can only play is on the PlayStation Vita! Ohhhhh...snap. Angry nerds roaming the streets screaming WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!???!!!

Wait..there's another game called Assassin's Creed III? I seee...

The American Colonies, 1775. As a Native American Assassin fights to protect his land and his people, he will ignite the flames of a young nation's revolution. In Assassin's Creed® III, eliminate your enemies with guns, bows, tomahawks, and more! In development for over three years, the game features the new Ubisoft-AnvilNext engine, a stunning technology that will revolutionize gaming.

Killer chick in a three cornered hat or rampaging Native American out for blood...pick your poison!

The Avengers: Battle for Earth - Wow...no details. We'll make something up. Play as THE AVENGERS!!! You just became a part of the 3rd highest grossing motion picture in the history of the world and there's like..women throwing themselves at you..people wanting to take their picture with you...like ...orgies every night.. man..Hollywood rules. OK it's more likely you can play as a number of heroes and MAYBE a villain or two and fight aliens in a system much like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance ..because..well..why would they change now? Obviously we know nothing beyond the game coming from Ubisoft , developed for the Wii U and XBox 360..but them moving pictures sure r pretty...

Aliens: Colonial Marines - You and your friends against the deadliest killers in the galaxy. Another glorious day in the corps.

Buckle up, soldier! Welcome to Aliens: Colonial Marines. Created by Gearbox, the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite developers of Borderlands and Brothers In Arms, this first-person shooter is steeped in the eerie, claustrophobic and terrifying atmosphere that made the Aliens films successful worldwide. You and your friends will become the most badass military outfit in the galaxy – the US Colonial Marines. It’s down to you to not just survive but wipe out the Xeno infestation.


Enlist in the Marine Corps
Bringing you a true sequel to James Cameron’s classic Aliens, get tooled up with classic Marine weapons including pulse rifles, motion trackers and flamethrowers.

The most authentic Aliens experience ever
Using authentic environments inspired by the film series including Hadley’s Hope, the Sulaco and LV-426, you will be immersed in an eerie, atmospheric world where any moment could bring your death.

Drop-in / Drop-out co-operative gameplay
The masters of co-op bring their expertise to the Aliens universe. Xenos getting too tough? Call up your buddies so they can drop in with extra firepower. The whole campaign can be played with a squad of up to four players, dropping in and out as necessary through self-contained missions within an over-arching narrative.

Loadouts and upgrades
Create your perfect killing machine. An extensive upgrade system allows players to customize their characters to play the way they want. Earn experience to get perks, new weapons and new looks for your squad.

Dead Space 3 - Dead Space 3 brings Isaac Clarke and merciless soldier John Carver on a journey across space to discover the source of the Necromorph outbreak. Crash-landed on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, Isaac must comb the harsh environment for raw materials and scavenged parts. He will then put his engineering skills to the ultimate test to create and customise weapons and survival tools. The ice planet holds the key to ending the Necromorph plague forever, but first Isaac must overcome avalanches, treacherous ice-climbs, and the violent wilderness. Facing deadlier evolved enemies and the brutal elements, Isaac can choose to team up, not only for his own survival, but for that of mankind’s. Play together with a friend or go it alone as Isaac Clarke using the seamless new drop in, drop out co-op functionality. Each mode offers unique story elements and gameplay.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - We've actually been putting our time in with this title! You've seen robot on robot carnage. You've seen Grimlock lead the Dinobots into battle and gnaw upon all comers. There is only one thing that could make this game even more mindblowing. METROPLEX.

Our buddy Steve Sievers will be running across the show floor, no doubt struck dumb from overloaded geek circuits, but he'll be sending in some live coverage of the things we Ooo'd and Ahhh'd at the most, so sit tight!

Thanks again to Gametrailers for the eye candy hookup!

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