Thursday, June 7, 2012

NECA Action Figure Assassins, Monsters & Metal Men

NECA have been making geek dreams come true for a loooong time now but over the last two years or so, they've taken this approach into overdrive. I suppose it is all a no-brainer when you've got Randy Falk at the wheel creating what are probably the stuff of his childhood dreams. Whose got the best job? Randy does.

We dive back into NECA's plastic filled waters to take a look at the official pics for a trio of figures we first saw as prototypes at Toy Fair 2012 and one tweaked figure that will make your head spin.

Gordon Freeman from Half-Life 2 : This 7 inch scaled action figure joins the Player Select series complete with a crowbar, Gravity Gun, alternate hand and a Head Crab.

Also on tap are a Smoker from Left 4 Dead and Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed Revelations. Since these official pics have popped up and previously had a release date of Summer, we can assume they will be up for pre-order ASAP.

Our fourth figure isn't so much a new character as it is an awesome addition to an extremely popular figure many of you already own. How do you top Battle Damage and Glow in the Dark features? How about a working pop up leg holster on your Robocop action figure??!! We know next to nothing about this piece, but the words "spring loaded" were being thrown about, so we expect nothing short of awesome. More details when they become available...or when everyone wakes up. Until then, please enjoy our graphic entitled "The Evolution of NECA's Robocop." What it lacks in poetry, it makes up for in directness.

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