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San Diego Comic-Con 2012 : NECA Exclusives

ONE Month and 2 weeks from now, the greatest convention series that ever held a nerdling to it's bosom will kick off and attempt to drive me into the ground. Of course I am talking about San Diego Comic Con, which I have been attending for over 10 years...and it hasn't killed me yet!!! COME AT ME BRO! One day they will put me in a reality show where they send me to every convention they can find and try to snuff me with dorkiness. That would be a good way to die. NECA is gearing up for the most holy of geekapaloozas with a string of exclusives set to make grown men squeal like a tiny anime loving child who just saw Naruto in person. Their list is not yet complete, but we've got the first three polished up and ready for your trembling eyeballs...

Hero from the Sky Ash Action Figure : Aside from being a SDCC exclusive, this figure perfectly captures one of the most important moments in Evil Dead 2. A sepia-toned paint job brings out not just nostalgia for the 25th Anniversary of Evil Dead 2, but also the desert Ash found himself (and his car, oddly enough) transported to.

Check out our Hero from the Sky’s full articulation below:

Ball jointed Neck
Ball Jointed Shoulders
Insert Molded Ball Hinged Elbows
Ball Jointed Wrists
Ball Jointed Chest
Ball Jointed Waist
Mid-Thigh Swivels
Insert Molded Ball Hinged Knees
Ball Jointed Ankles
Chainsaw Swivels
Shotgun Stores in Holster on Figure’s Back

Cloaked City Hunter Predator Action Figure
: $25
(subject to change) : 7 inch scale - Like it’s much-less-invisible brethren, the Cloaked City Hunter is immaculately detailed and accurate to the look and feel of Predator 2. It features over 25 points of articulation, including ball joints in the hips and double-knee joints — because, let’s face it, when you’re chasing down and beheading deadly drug lords in a bizarre future city while Danny Glover tries to track you down and kill you, you want to be as flexible as possible. The City Hunter comes with an exclusive Trophy skull, not available anywhere else.

Giant-Man HeroClix Super Booster : $39.99 : Like all of the figures in the Chaos War collection, Giant-Man is gorgeously detailed and accurate to the comics. Giant-Man also includes a proportionate Ant-Man HeroClix figure that’s invisible! No, really, like he’s not there. Set to the scale of Giant-Man, you can’t see Henry Pym when he shrinks all the way down to Ant-Man size. Also, when Marvel HeroClix first premiered way back in 2002, a similar Ant-Man was offered at conventions that year, so this Ant-Man makes a perfect bonus piece for Pym as Giant-Man.

Black & White Comic Book Freddy Krueger Action Figure from Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child : Freddy Krueger, as he appeared in the fifth installment of the franchise, The Dream Child. The movie, which came out in 1989, has a cult within the cult of the larger series, and — what really matters — it features some of Freddy’s best kills ever. Best of all might be Mark Gray. A comic book geek before it was cool to be a comic book geek, Mark fantasized about getting the girl, being the hero, etc. So what did Freddy do? Well, Freddy sucked him into a comic book world, to live out his worst nightmare, of course! Mark — brave and hopeless soul that he was — fought back by turning himself into his own superhero, The Phantom Prowler, and blowing Freddy to tiny little bits. *Spoiler alert*: It didn’t work, Freddy came back to life, turned Mark into paper and sliced him to shreds with his always-terrifying glove.

We’ve included an actual foldable, sliceable paper recreation of Mark Gray with this grayscale 7″ Freddy action figure, which captures the look of that death scene and the comic book world. What could be more perfect for SDCC than a superhero-destroying Freddy Krueger?

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Eagle Vision Ezio Auditore Action Figure : Eagle Vision, passed down from an ancient line of assassins and interminably helpful in figuring out who’s a friend and who’s an enemy, gives people and objects a color-coded aura. Red is for enemies, blue for friends, gold for targets who may be able to help and white for information sources or hiding spots.

Eagle Vision Ezio is truly something unique in our ongoing collection of Assassin’s Creed 7 inch action figures, with the translucent look and the included Eagle accessory. Ezio himself has an astounding 38+ points of articulation and three sets of interchangeable hands. The Eagle has articulated wings and a perch to land on. Clamshell packaging.

Gears of War 3 Elite Theron Action Figure : The Theron Elite — AKA the Onyx Theron — are more than just cleverly named. These guys are the elites of the elites in the Locust Horde — some of the most dangerous and most deadly Locusts that Marcus Fenix, Dom and the rest of the COG soldiers ever face in the series. This brand new SDCC Exclusive Elite Theron 7″ figure comes with the Horde’s signature Torquebow and features the black and red look they have in the game. Hard to kill, a workout for your Retro Lancer and terrifying to behold, this figure captures their monstrous look on a 7″ scale and has 14 points of articulation.

If you want NECA Exclusives but can’t get to the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, this is your way in.
The 2012 SDCC Exclusives Mega-Bundle is LIMITED TO 250 PIECES, so if you want one, you’re going to have to act pretty quick to get it.

A $335 value priced at $300, in each bundle you get:

1 SDCC Exclusive Portal “Cave Johnson” ASHPD replica (with a Cave Johnson portrait signed by Valve’s own Bill Fletcher)
1 Limited Edition Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope DVD with figures of Stan Lee and Harry Knowles
1 Convention Exclusive Giant-Man/Antman HeroClix
1 SDCC Exclusive Cloaked City Hunter Predator action figure
1 SDCC Exclusive Hero From the Sky Ash action figure
1 SDCC Exclusive B&W Comic Book Freddy Krueger action figure
1 SDCC Exclusive Gears of War 3 Elite Theron action figure
1 SDCC Exclusive Eagle Vision Ezio Auditore action figure

NECA will be selling the Mega-Bundle in bunches of 25 through at random points throughout the day. (we assume that day is the start of SDCC 2012 -July 11th) Purchases will be limited to 1 per customer/household. Shipping charges not included in the price. Bundles will begin shipping around July 11th.

Be sure to bookmark THIS LINK to see all the SDCC 2012 exclusives (as well as additional pics to those posted in the articles) as they roll out!

And THIS LINK will show you all this year's exclusives so you can make your shopping list! We'll be updating it daily.

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