Friday, December 28, 2012

An Iron Patriot for the New Year

We've drooled over the new Starkmobile and fell out of our seats laughing at his super high tech roller blade getaway design. We've poured over some of the new armors that are (almost definitely) going to be making up the first wave of Iron Assemblers action figures and speculated which, if not all, will make it to the big screen for Iron Man 3. Now we'll take a look at a couple more toys for the highly anticipated film. While they aren't earth shattering reveals, they are two more plastics to check off on Hasbro's 2013 release list ...and two steps closer to any hidden items we may not have heard about in the film. SUSPENSE!!

You've seen him in the trailer and caught him hanging out by motorcycles on set, so another picture of Iron Patriot is no big shakes, but a new Iron Man 12 inch figure has to be cause for celebration for Stark fans around the world. Like the last model we showed you, this toy seems like a mass market item with few (if any) bells and whistles and limited articulation. For the sake of comparison, we put the two together in a graphic. Commence drooling...

We also caught a look at the new role play Repulsor Blaster..or whatever they may be calling it this time.

Note the differences from the Avengers toy line version (on the left). That model boasts "a number of sound effects and lights, providing you with the full Iron Man experience. In addition, this colorful blaster has a motion detector that will allow you to sneak up on your enemies for a surprise attack." Immediately you'll see the launching chambers are gone, so no projectiles, and a more evident speaker. We'll find out what this model does soon enough!

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