Friday, December 7, 2012

New Art for G.I. Joe Retaliation

...The comedy here being that the "Final Payoff" poster dropped May 11th, 2012. That last poster was also a Photoshop hodgepodge of images, but lord knows we've seen worse...visions of abominations of large heads on smaller bodies dance through my head. Thinking about those crimes against art, this new poster isn't so bad, but I still long for a day when poster art will be imaginative and excising again. For now..there's this.

To the left is the new poster..the right, the final payoff. See? More comedy! Delightful book ends. Note Duke is now featured prominently in the montage, giving credence to rumors the movie went back to shooting to give the character more screen time...and most likely avoid any untimely demise we MAY have been meant to observe in the original cut. March 28th, we finally get RETALIATION!!!

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