Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Holiday Geekbook: The Army of Cute

 Welcome back to the Holiday Geekbook; a buying guide for those forced to score all their geekiest treasures on their own because the ones you love think it's dumb. CURSE THE FOOLS!! Today we celebrate the second year of our Army of Cute feature, profiling a selection of goods you'll lose your fragile mind know...from the cuteness.

We kick things off with our undying allegiance to the Hypnotoad.Our future is a little less bleak when all our decisions are made for us by this lovable little mind altering critter. Toynami has been rekindling our love for all things Futurama and recently, amping up the soft and cuddly for a cartoon that, to my knowledge, has never had plush before...or at least not plush as snugly wuggums as this. You can't look away!! ..for he is the Hypnotoad..and you are his minion. Look for him this January and CLICK HERE to get in a pre-order!

Proving they will NEVER be matched in the pop culture adorbs category, FUNKO once again reigns supreme. We can't possible show you the bazillion Pop! Vinyl and Plushie creations they pushed out this year, so we thought we'd focus on just one small handful of Pop! products that serve as the epitomy for what Funko does best...namely take a property with no earthly right to be painfully adorable, and make it unstoppably cute. Behold...The Game of Thrones series...

Pictured are Daenerys, Khal Drogo and Tyrion, just 3 of the first 6 figures in this new line. Wouldn't you just love a cartoon series in this style where every time someone is beheaded, sparkles and rainbows burst forth, as not to scar your children for life? I knew you would.

Funko are not satisfied just gaining controlling interest of your shelf space...oh no. They also want to rock your desktop. The first in Funko's new audio line..behold..the Pop! Audio Batman Speaker! Same size as a Pop!, same sweet packaging.........totally different sound! 32mm Speaker Drivers AND Fully Rechargeable! I've got a feeling these are going to be crazy popular, so keep watching as they announce each release and be ready to pounce on the pre-orders for the ones you want. CLICK HERE to squeeze in your pre-order, as the Bat drops a beat in January.

Where does the Funko madness end??!!  Not offline! To constantly remind you that they are scanning your brains for up to the minute intel on what shows, movies and celebs you love most, they've developed a line of 3D bookmarks to stare into your very souuuul. We've found Disney, Marvel Comics and DC Comics characters mounted atop these page holders, but the way these little suckers multiply, they could have a Three is Company series out by now. You'll find these in stores today.

OK enough Funko.  OK maybe one more...


2013 is your chance for a fresh rid yourself of negative energy and embrace the endless possibilities every day brings. Naturally, you would want a totem to constantly remind you of your quest for happiness. Kidrobot has you covered.

Mmmmm. Enlightenment. Long ears signify past wealth, a big head represents the disconnection between mind and body, a tuft of hair symbolizes great inner wisdom, and a giant fried dough topped with pink frosting and rainbow jimmies equals deliciousness. With a pretzel in one hand, and beads in another, Homer passes down the oral tradition of donut eating. From THE SIMPSONS and Kidrobot comes Homer Buddha in 7-inch vinyl, inspired by THE SIMPSONS episode "Goo Gai Pan," in which Homer poses as Buddha to gain entry into an orphanage in China.

As this is a Kidrobot piece, this fantastically sacriligeous Homer Buddha is going to set you back more than a few bucks, which does not stop the legions of fans from snapping up these art pieces..which is to say good luck tracking him down! The release was fairly recent, so your chances are still good. Google is your buddy in this case.

Straight up pudgy and adorable isn't your thing? You crave a little guy who is pudgy, irresistible AND looks like he'll fry your cranium the second you turn away? Look no further than Mezco's Plush Mars Attacks Alien! Based on the iconic trading cards series from the 1960s that forever changed the face of science fiction and pop culture, and spawned Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! movie 34 years later, this Mars Attacks! Martian Plush is a can't miss collectible perfect for any and every science fiction fan! Mezco brings these Martians to life with these 8-inch scale plush figures. The other-worldly creation features the Martian's signature exposed oversized brain and bulbous eyes, along with the iconic green spacesuit. The bloody and zany invasion begins with this Mars Attacks! Martian Plush! Ages 15 and up.Your 8 inch would-be-world-conqueror was part of a new wave of Mars Attacks collectibles, so you'll score him with no troubles at all. In fact, CLICK HERE and he's yours!

To wrap things up, we thought we'd go to the one movie you can always count on to bring a smile to a geek's face. Let's face it, what list would be complete without something from Star Wars?! Admittedly, there aren't a lot of ultra CUTE items to snap up from the world of Jedi and Sith, but we think this talking Chewbacca from Underground Toys fits the bill quite nicely.

Why not take a load off and cuddle up with this wonderful, soft, and ginormous Star Wars Chewbacca Realistic Talking Plush? Everyone's favorite Wookiee from the Star Wars movies measures a huge 24-inches tall. Chewie's spoken phrase is his trademark Wookiee growl, and you'll hear it right here! If you've got a Star Wars buff in the family, you can't find a better, cooler gift than the Star Wars Chewbacca Realistic Talking 24-Inch Plush.

CLICK HERE to pre-order your hairy buddy who will hit stores this January.

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