Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Iron Man 3 Figures Surface

With an assist from Mighty Marvel_Freshman , my night of blissful slumber was ground to dust as a new Iron Man action figure mystery arose out of China. Ebay user bluesduff2008 appears to have...shall we say.."liberated" some new Iron Man 3 action figures fresh off the assembly line! Normally, we are very skeptical about these things, but after pouring over the pictures, we've found several signs these could be the real deal. First, there's the only description we've had so far of (seemingly) the ONLY 3 and 3 quarter inch Iron Man 3 figure line. **WARNING!! Spoilers Ahead!!**

"Iron Man 3 Iron Assemblers Action Figure Assortment: 14 "Connectable" figures (wave 1, Feb 2013) with multiple interchangable pieces to deliver maximum customization. Wave 2 in March and Wave 3 in April."

So...we'd be looking for an action figure that would allow for connecting bits of armor and such. The figure to the left features arms of a different color than the body...perhaps because they come off? They may not be his arms at all. Now look below...

It sure looks like the same two figures with swapped arms and new shoulders. Extra armaments will attach via octagonal holes in the back, arms and legs.

We were the first to think BOOTLEG when we saw only 5 pts of articulation on most of these new armors, but the paints are far too clean, the raised stamps are visible as are the white numbers and all the sculpts bear telltale Hasbro design qualities. We also went back and had a closer look at the Assemblers Battle Vehicle and saw the figure included there was also missing elbow and knee articulation AND came with extra arms to swap out. After all that evidence, we are more inclined to give this batch a thumbs up..but it is a hesitant one. A lot of people will look at these designs and just dismiss them as normal "repaint and move on" tactics from a toy company hoping to make the most of old molds for a new movie, but it is said we will see something in the neighborhood of 40 armors at one point or another over the course of the film, so why would Hasbro bother with endless repaints when they have so much to work with?

 Brazilian entertainment website Omelete reported Simon Philips, President of Marvel Entertainment International and Consumer Products, remarked Tony's new suits include fan favorites from past comics and a suit for Pepper Potts. In the hospital, Tony is injected with the Extremis virus (which, in the comics, allows Stark a more cellular control of his tech and further interfacing with other technology through sheer will..phones, computers, global satellite name it.) Philips explained the virus allows Stark to “create new armors from leftover pieces of older ones” ...and thus..the Iron Assemblers figure line. Talk about a story line tailor made for endless toy possibilities!

At the rate this line is spilling out onto the internet, we'll have seen the lot by UK Toy Fair! Thanks again to Marvel_Freshman and bluesduff2008 of planet Ebay.

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