Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big Dwarf...Lil Dwarf

December 14th. Just a week more. Sure, all your journalist friends have seen it already, but you have the reserve to wait ONE MORE WEEK TO SEE THE FRAKKIN HOBBIT!!!! ~phew~ that out of the way.

ONE MORE WEEK TIL THE HOBBIT!!!! In celebration, the Hobbity facebook has released a string of pictures with the cast of ....wait for it......The Hobbit...posing with their teeny, tiny plastic LEGO counterparts. I'm reminded of two awesome things when I look at these photos...

1. When I worked at McFarlane Toys, they had a pic on the wall of Steven Spielberg looking at the Jaws playset for the first time. The love in his eyes was no less than you'd see in a proud new father's. Dorky times 3000000.

2. I was allowed the pleasure of being the first person to show Simon Pegg his Shaun of the Dead action figure. As a fellow super geek, I was positive he would appreciate the moment and told me it took him back to a time when he was holding his first R2-D2 figure in his know the one with the clicky head..and he knew it was love...only now his own plastic face was staring back at him.  Same love...slightly more narcissistic.

Enjoy this moment Dwarves, Wizard and Hobbit. It is a rare honor.

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