Sunday, December 2, 2012

Denny's Middle Earth Diner

Movie promotional tie-ins....are the best thing in the world. Some films take themselves way too seriously, which is why we don't get the pleasure of lenticular, singing Le Miserables Slurpee Cups. No fun. The Hobbit crew know the value of a good time, and a ridiculous tie-in with an eatery known for providing breakfast foods to stoners at 3am is just what the doctor ordered. BEHOLD....the Gandalf Gobble Melt...

But wait..that's not all! Denny's has a "make yourself into a dwarf" camera program, a Dwarf Combat Training game, a character quiz, Riddles in the Dark, a trivia challenge, Recipes from Middle Earth and Postcards from Middle Earth, as well as little bits on the film and the trailer. This is what you will be doing Monday instead of work.

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