Thursday, May 13, 2010

Monogram's 2010 SDCC Exclusives

See? See what happens when we start making announcements? Avalanche! Monogram jumps in with a quick look at their San Diego Comic Con Exclusives for you to buy, take home and taunt your friends with until they cry..and then you'll feel bad...but you still won't give them your exclusives.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Bronze Paperweight- 2nd Series : Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas has gained a cult following and is even considered a holiday classic. Bronze 2 piece paperweight set features bronze finish on detailed sculpt. Features characters Jack, Sally, Zero along with Lock, Shock and Barrel. 2 piece set fits together to form a scene with graveyard accents. Comes packaged in a coffin case with a certificate of authenticity. Limited edition produced exclusively for 2009 San Diego Comic Con. (These are apparently the left overs found in the warehouse, so very limited numbers are available)

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Bronze Paperweight- 1st Series : Jack stands 5 and a quarter inches high and Sally stands 4 and a half inches high - Packaged in a coffin shaped box. Two separate paperweights join together to depict Jack and Sally holding hands. Bronze finish on detailed sculpt. (Again, these are left overs, so numbers will be very limited)

Red Hulk Bust Bank :
Limited to only 50 pieces. Rotocast bust bank depicting the meaner, calculating, weapon of destruction who recently tore through the Marvel Universe and continues to leave chaos in his wake.

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