Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mystery of the Toys R Us Timewarp

While browsing, utilizing their wish list to earmark some awesome things I wanted to keep an eye on as they drop in price, I stumbled across something seriously strange.

Back in the 80's, the only action figure line to feed my frenzy for Marvel Comics collectibles (post-Mego) was a little line called Secret Wars. Like most figures of its time, the figure line was mainly the same sculpt painted over repeatedly with a new head popped on top. Though such practices are all but gone now (flashes a look at Mattel and Hasbro), the line still has a firm hold on my heart strings.

Fast forward to 2010 and I'm all growed up, killing some down time by looking over the Marvel toy section on and as I reach the end of the list, I find this.

Vintage 1984 Marvel Doom Roller - $59.99

I scratched my head and re-read the description about 17 times before clicking "order" to see what would happen. It was like the site was taunting me as I had to re-enter my info 3 times to complete my order due to standard suckage of their website, but in the end, the order was placed with a $10 dollar off coupon used to boot! I figured I'd wait and see what shows up in the mail, then possibly return it to my local Toys R Us to take camera phone pics of them going cross eyed in disbelief. Then I got another idea.

Heading back to the front page, I decided to enter the word "Vintage". Up came several pages of clothing and a couple of cute little RC Robots I didn't know existed and then...

Star Wars 1982 Empire Strikes Back Vintage Loose Action Figure- C-3PO with cape in Kenner Sealed Baggie
- $14.99

WTF??!! One item could be a disgruntled website worker deciding to play a joke on the geeks of the world and maybe even follow through with the order to put a gold cap on the laugh, but two items from the 80's just sitting there waiting for purchase, in stock?! I'm not even going to joke over them calling the accessory a cape..because..that's just, ya know? Part of their charm. I took a quick detour over to ebay and noticed the C3PO with removable limbs in the baggie is fairly common, in mint condition, and going for close to this price, so apparently people have come across caches of this gem before... So that lead me to my next question...

Just how many of these items can possibly have?? In stock, right now, are 24 Doom Rollers and 29 3POs!! Someone could clean then out of this stock for under 2 grand, so if this interests you, I suggest you pounce NOW and we'll consider ourselves part of the most ridiculous club ever. Stay tuned for more on this story when TRU gets back to me and when the Doom Roller arrives here!

P.S...for the Star Wars freaks..the site also has the Disney Star Tours figures up for sale as well as a Galactic Hunt 30th anniversary 2 pack with Concept Chewie and Biggs, Concept 3po and R2 (which I never saw in a store), the 2008 SDCC Clone Trooper, 2007 Shadow Scout Speeder AND the Holiday Jawas! They've even got Jorg Sacol, an 89 Hotwheels Batmobile...and an 86 Mets autographed baseball. Oddsville.

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