Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh Captain, My Favorite Captain

Iron Man 2 hits in just one more day, so the shell head craze may as well be over as far as production of new product goes (unless the world screams for 15 more suits of high tech armor, that is), so Diamond Select are jumping right into the next Marvel Comics movie star...CAPTAIN AMERICA!! Apparently, we are just going to skip right past Thor. No love for those commie Norse bastards.

Toys R Us and the inmates of Art Asylum want YOU to pick our 2010 minimates exclusive box set. In celebration of the return of Steve Rogers, the First Avenger, voters will decide which Captain America figures will be featured in Captain America: Through the Ages! We've come up with six ideas that represent the character from different eras...

World War 2 (Golden Age
Suspended Animation (Silver Age)
The Captain (80s)
Armored Captain America (90s)
Civil War Captain America (2000s)
Captain America Re-Birth (Current)

From May 1 through May 31, 2010, fans can visit and to vote! The top four fan selections will be included in the all-new box set, available exclusively this fall from Toys R Us and Diamond Select Toys. Winners will be unveiled this summer (probably at SDCC!) My vote was for "found me floating in a block of ice" Steve, which is a must have at any scale. CHOOSE YOUR CAPTAIN!!

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