Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Taste of Trek To Come

Watch their Facebook for the pic to join up!

In the not too distant future, the mysterious and benign, extra-terrestrial Astral Overseers put into motion their master plan to help tip the balance of certain inequities on planet earth. They began to mutate a variety of animal species on Earth to evolve into self-aware or sentient life. This new level of animal life possessed all of their original feral strengths, speed, and qualities, an intelligence equal to that of humans, and some say, even new powers.

Immediately gaining a new and more profound understanding of the danger that certain humans presented to their kind, this new breed of sentient creatures remained hidden from human view for years as they developed their own society and culture, albeit somewhat loosely based and culled from observing humans and their media.

An immediate goal for these creatures was to organize, and begin resisting the human destruction and domination of what was once their "natural" habitat. Strangely, as they increased in strength, numbers, and sophistication, their tactics, tastes, and habits were increasingly becoming more "human" in many ways.

Full of conflict, contradiction, frustration, anger and the desire to save themselves and their world, a resistance movement emerged. The first of these resistance cells was the "Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo" . . . .

...and now they are in cute lil Star trek outfits. The End.

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