Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ZICA Toys Preps Buck Rogers MEGO Style Figures

An introduction to ZICA Toys just dropped in our laps here at the secret volcano base of Idle Hands. Once again we see folks from my generation expressing their love for the retro feel of MEGO action figures and pointing the MEGO ray gun at an 80's property that could stand a wee bit more attention. Target: BUCK ROGERS in the 25th CENTURY!!

ZICA Toys is excited to announce its first official foray into the world of licensed collectibles with an all new, highly articulated 1/9th scale line of action figures based on the fantastic television movie and series, Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. This indelible incarnation of the original hero of tomorrow debuted in 1979, starring Gil Gerard as William “Buck” Rogers. Buck was the last astronaut to pilot a deep space probe. During a freak mishap he was hurdled 500 years into the future. When he awoke he found himself in a strange new place surrounded by gorgeous disco-dancing spandex-clad aliens. With his blaster, a babe, and a robot buddy at his side, he used his 20th century wit to defend the innocent and bring evil to justice.

Characters planned for the first assortment are Buck Rogers, Hawk, Killer Kane, Tigerman and Draconian Guard. For the first time ever these figures will be made in the 8” style and scale that was hugely popular in the 70’s. By keeping the retro style and incorporating a more modern body design, the line is sure to please both vintage and modern collectors alike.

ZICA Toys utilizes its Z-Body type for their MEGO style figures, which offers added articulation, a bandless construction and the ability to easily swap out the head, hands and feet for further customization possibilities.

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