Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shocker Toys Rolls Out Summer Tour Exclusives

First up is Barry Barry Barry Barry Barry. If you watched the cartoon, I don't need to explain that joke to you! For the rest of you cartoon haters; The Tick hits a bar for super heroes and discovers the owner's brother calls himself The Tick as well...and was a little unhinged even before finding another Tick in his presence. He battles The Tick, trying to get him to admit HE is the one true Tick but our Tick insists he is Barry...BARRY BARRY BARRY BARRY BARRY!!

Our government spiders uncovered this image of Shocker Toys new Indie Spotlight... summer exclusive? San Diego Comic Con exclusive? Rainy day activity exclusive? Who cares! WE ARE GETTING BARRY!! This is most definately a mocked up picture, so we can expect to see a finished figure image closer to the show(s?). Ahh..those wacky sales people and their leaks.

Meanwhile over at Wizard's Blog, they've shown some Wizard Convention Tour Mallow exclusives including The Maxx, Mr.Gone and Lazerman, and another Indie Spotlight exclusive..Hunter Rose Grendel! So now my duh question of the day. I'm hearing I can walk into Toys R Us soon and buy Indie Spotlight series 1, but I still can't walk into a comic shop and buy them? I don't get it.

On a side note, those of you eagerly awaiting your Mr.Gone action figure that was the mail away for Indie Spotlight Series 1, he'll start shipping out this Summer! And remember that Mucus Tick we asked about? He's coming soon too. We got an excellent response on our teaser so he's being made. Stay tuned for more news on that front.


  1. Not a chance these will be out for SDCC. Shocker's MO is to show pics of every stage of production and the most we have seen on these is a mock up CGI thing. Heck, there haven't even been finished shots of IS2.

    Also, the reason you can go to "some" TRUs and buy IS1 is because they bought the back stock on the first order that didn't sell off. Good luck finding a Scud or Maxx because they were the only figs that sold.

    And you won't see them in comic books shops because Geoff tried to scam FLCS into ordering these things by posing as a customer and sending fake emails out. Afterward when Diamond got tired of listing IS1 when it didn't exist they dropped Shocker Toys...and Geoff's scapegoating of Diamond probably didn't help matters.

    All in all I expect IS2 to come out no sooner than 6 months from now and probably in a run of less than 5000 pieces. Right about the time TRU is bargain binning the IS1 figs.

  2. So was I right? Are they actually at SDCC, or do they just have them available for "pre-order"?