Wednesday, May 19, 2010

POOLWATCH: Kotobukiya's Deadpool Fine Art Statue..and some other Marvel Stuff

It's rare you can look at a new comics wall nowadays, browse the Marvel titles and NOT see Deadpool's sarcastic mug on a cover or 3 (much like Wolverine in the 90's!) Kotobukiya is well aware that the merc with a mouth is the new "It Boy" and wants to give fans a Deadpool statue that captures every annoying, arrogant, insufferable inch of him.

The “Merc with a Mouth” is on a rampage! One of the most popular comic book superheroes in the business, Wade Wilson is popping up everywhere, and now he’s taken over Kotobukiya as the next Fine Art Statue in the Marvel Comics Presents collection, DEADPOOL! Formerly a member of the Weapon X program, Wilson has since struck out on his own as an assassin for hire and independent agent. With his trademark costume, extensive armory, and nonstop witty repartee, Deadpool makes a huge impact wherever he goes.

Never stopping for a moment, Deadpool is posed in the midst of intense action, leaping over a crate with weapons at the ready. His iconic red and black skin-tight costume highlights the mutant assassin’s muscular physique as well as the intense concentration apparent on his face. Deadpool is also laden with his usual assortment of goodies, including the knife sheathed on his left ankle, various waist pouches, and a gun holstered on his right thigh. Depending on what style of fighting you prefer, Deadpool can be outfitted with either set of included arms; one wields his deadly katanas and the other fires intricately detailed Uzis!

Deadpool stands approximately 10 inches tall, leaning over a detailed battle scene complete with crate and even a tiny Deadpool “plush” toy! Sculpted by Erick and William Valenzuela, the demented yet hilarious assassin is recreated in high quality cold cast resin.

Available this August with an MSRP of $200. My only crit would be that Koto should go easy on the glaze. It makes the statue look too shiny. Bowen has always done this right.

In case you've missed it, Kotobukiya is also releasing an X-Men Danger Room Session – Wolverine statue (SRP $169.99 Available in October), a nine inch statue based on Jim Lee's art and sculpted by Erick Sosa featuring a light up base and two interchangeable heads (mask on and mask off.) Psylocke will follow soon after. A Sabretooth Fine Art Statue designed by the Silva Brothers and Sculpted by Erick Sosa is also slated for release as well as a War Machine Art FX Statue (available this October for $119.99).

The Bishoujo line continues in 2010 with the recently announced White Phoenix San Diego Comic Con exclusive.

Sculpted by Koei Matsumoto, White Phoenix is constructed of high-quality pvc plastic and stands approximately 9 inches tall (in 1/8 scale with the other Marvel x Bishoujo statues). The stunning beauty of the White Phoenix will look great in your collection, especially standing side by side with the green Phoenix and her “evil twin,” the Dark Phoenix!

The White Phoenix Bishoujo statues will be available as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive from Preview Night, July 21st! Both the standard and Dark Phoenix versions are available for pre-order now with an SRP of $59.99

Koto also showed off concept art for the next piece; Emma Frost, so we thought that might bear repeating...and showing off...and drooling over.

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