Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Packaging and Descriptions for Star Wars Monster Mash-Ups

I swear it wasn't called Monster Mash-Up before, so that's news to me! Retailers received new images of the upcoming vinyl bobble line from Funko that takes your favorite Star Wars characters and transforms them into hideous creatures from a galaxy called HELL!!!

What's funny is the Mash-Up title is a very interesting way to alter public perception from this line being about Star Wars characters turning into monsters to it being an artist interpretation of a Star Wars character combined with an iconic monster from movies and literature. SPINNY!!

So we've got Yoda and a Gargoyle, Stormtrooper and a Skeleton, Darth Vader and Frankenstein and Chewbacca and a Werewolf...which create Yogoyle, Skeletrooper, Vadenstein and Werebacca! OK I made those names up, but I'll let them use em' if they ask me nice...and send me some. Look for Funko's Star Wars Monster Mash-Ups this September.

And now...My votes for upcoming releases...

Greedo and a Zombie (with the blast hole in his chest so you can see clear through)
Leia and the Bride of Frankenstein (which makes it double the horror)
Porkins and the Hunchback (just for the sake of comedy)
Han Solo and Dracula (cuz he gets the ladies)
Luke Skywalker and a Giant Bat Creature (to turn bunny teeth into bat fangs, of course!)
Darth Maul and The Mummy (trade the saber for a staff)
Grievous and The Fly (make use of those extra arms!)
R2D2 and The Blob (little transparent pink killer robot!!)
C3PO and The Creature from the Black Lagoon (just thinking about what the end design could look like makes me smile)

Who do you want mashed up??

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