Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mucus Tick LIVES!! Sort of..Not Really...

Talk about a labor of love! My obsession with The Tick has now bent the fabric of reality and I've literally WISHED an action figure into existence!! This Friday, May 28th, at 10am, you will be able to visit the Shocker Toys web store and pre-order your very own Mucus Tick action figure. ~tears up~

When comic book and cartoon hero The Tick fights an "Uncommon Cold", he finds himself facing off against an evil version of himself..his own sickly mucus given life by an evil alien!! Essentially, it's The Tick..but itSnot. Let the ultimate battle begin!

Mucus Tick is a translucent green version of Shocker Toys Indie Spotlight Series 2 Tick action figure with new card art. This Idle Hands exclusive action figure will be limited to 1,000 pieces and then poof..its gone. At only 22 dollars a figure (+ shipping, natch), you can afford to amass an army of these drippy fiends and take over your friend's shelf units!! VICTORY THROUGH EVIL BODILY FLUIDS!!

Mucus Tick joins Barry Hubris in The Tick Action Figure family along side Hunter Rose Grendel, The Blue Beetle (Dan Garret) and The Blank (from Dick Tracy), rounding out the Indie Spotlight Summer Exclusives.


  1. KEEN! I now have to go and watch the "uncommon cold" episode again. As for wishing into existence, shouldn't that be kind of a motto to Tick? He has a very vivid imagination. I very much miss finding The Tick toys around and so glad someone passed this onto me. The Tick Vs Nose Jelly, oooh.

  2. Well make sure you hit up the Shocker store super quick. They are selling Barry as well!!

  3. Whats the deal with Shocker's Store? I'm trying to order my Mucus Tick and nothing is happening!

  4. If its an Idle Hands exclusive, why is Shocker Toys selling it instead of you?

  5. Brandon: You may have tried before 10am? Let me know if you have more problems.

    Symbiote: Thanks for buying!

    Brandon: No it is a pre-order, but there are only 1 thousand. I'm letting some retailers get a chunk to take care of international orders, so they are going to go pretty quickly.

    Rog: Because i don't have a store..or a warehouse..or shipping people. I'm just a sarcastic blog guy who likes to say fuck. =)

  6. Paul, is BBTS one of those retailers?