Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The NECA Report: Predator, Portal, Gears of War & More!

With the holidays quickly approaching, all our plastic huntings will go on hold as our loved ones attempt to snap up at least a couple of items from our wish lists..or as it is in my case, have them say "this stuff is stupid..can't we get you something PRACTICAL?!" Well, sister of mine...practical is often also BORING..and un-Christmas with the spirit. Dig? If there's one company that doesn't know the meaning of boring, it is the amazingly talented folks at NECA. This latest round of reveals will prove they haven't lost a step, continue to be the dream fulfillment bureau of our toy planet and don't skimp on the Ka-POW in every plastic pop culture idol they release. Let's begin with the show stopper...

PORTAL!! You've bought every Portal Gun Prop Replica released but wondered why a company known for excellent video game action figures have not tackled the obvious. Well wonder no more. Chell is ready to join your Player Select Action Figure collection! Chell comes packed with 20 points of articulation (ball jointed neck, shoulders, torso and wrists along with insert molded ball hinged elbows and knees and more) and wields her Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device that lights up!! IT LIGHTS UP DUDE!!! She'll also come with a display base. Just like the life-sized prop replica guns, Chell will only be won by those willing to fight for their collectibles, as a mere 15 thousand are said to be available globally at the time of her release, which should be around February 2013.

We'll also mention the Aperture Science Home Safety Turret mini figures from NECA's Wizkids wing that should have landed this October....for those who haven't been paying tons of attention but are flush with the joy of holiday spending. They also make the jumpsuit and now you can blow all your cash. Who needs food? (pic to the left courtesy of Gamecrazy)

In other video game related news, NECA is set to shrink their Gears of War troops down to the preferred army building scale of 3 and 3 quarter inches! Marcus, Baird and Carmine of the Coalition of Ordered Goverments (COG) will kick off the line...each highly detailed with 20 points of articulation and signature weapons and accessories in blister card packaging. G.I.Joe better watch his parachuting ass! Expect these in February as well.NECA plans to continue the 7 inch line as well. Win Win!

At San Diego Comic Con, NECA put on a full spread of their movie related figures including the first human addition to their Predator line. We saw the Predator 25th Anniversary Series Jungle Duel Dutch (AKA Muddy Arnie) and a Jungle Patrol Dutch (non muddy and ready to tear up the jungle). We've now got word this January's lineup includes a Masked Jungle Hunter Predator, Jungle Patrol Dutch and...a Jungle Extraction Dutch! JE Dutch sports his military shirt and vest, features over 20 points of articulation, an M-16, Pistol, Machete, and Knife accessories while JP Dutch is in his camo muscle shirt and vest and features over 20 points of articulation, an M-16, Pistol, and Knife accessories. The Masked Jungle Hunter Predator features over 25 points of articulation, extendable wrist blades, and removable backpack. No word on the fate of our angry, muddy Dutch, but we promise to ask when someone is actually awake on this coast.

Last in line, we'll talk about NECA's Quarter Scale Marvel figures! This series came out of nowhere with the announcement of a Quarter Scale Captain America, heralding the coming of a comic AND movie based series. FINALLY SOMEONE DOING MORE NON MOVIE ITEMS!!! Since NECA are massive fans, it's time to start begging for things like Sentinels, Galactus and any other giant mofo who has ever attempted to crush New York City under a big boot(y). For now, we must be content with an 18 inch tall Avengers Movie Captain America, with 25 points of articulation including neck, shoulders, torso, elbows, hips, knees, wrists, and more. Includes Cap’s signature shield with straps and interchangeable hands. Cap is set to hit this month. Next up (this January) will be Iron Man in his Mark VII armor, also from the Avengers movie. The figure stands approximately 18 1/4" tall and features over 25 points of articulation, detail, and LEDs on the eyes, chest, and palms. Window boxed packaging. Limited to 7,500 units (just like Cap.)

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