Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey LIVE from Wellington

Ooooooooooooh man. If there were one thing I geek out over uncontrollably..and visibly uncontrollably...it would be Lord of the Rings and now...The Hobbit. Come to my place and you can swim through the plastic armies of middle earth you'll find there. Today, the film premieres in Wellington, New Zealand and through the future sorcery of Idle Hands..YOU CAN WATCH!! Well...you can't watch the movie..but you can watch the stars of the movie in various stages of fancy dress. Huzahhh

Be HERE tonight: Los Angeles – 6:50 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time) // New York – 9:50 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) **Once the live show ends we will be replaying the show in its entirety twice within the player.

The general schedule for the red carpet events is as follows:
Show Opening  / Welcome
Neil Finn Performance (*set includes a performance of “Song of the Lonely Mountain” from the official soundtrack)
Talent arrivals, red carpet interviews & crowd interaction
Official Speeches

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