Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hasbro and Marvel Into 2013

Keeping up with the Marvel Mayhem, we bring you a hefty list of pre-orders put through to retailers detailing (but only slightly) a selection of Hasbro's 2013 offerings, focusing mainly on those projects with media tie-ins like Movie or TV. The titles include Avengers Assemble (the animated series), Iron Man 3 and Ultimate Spider-Man (the animated series.) Let's just jump right in...

A quick warning: The pics, if any, that we got a hold of are complete shite. They are small and clipped badly by whomever clipped them and so we did our best to make them a tiny bit better....and still..they look like shite. Please excuse. We'll be on the hunt for more.

Hasbro Marvel Avengers Assemble: Assortment of 15 new 3.75 inch Avengers animated style figures in 2013 blister packaging. Expected January 2013. Wave 2 in February, Wave 3 in March.

Iron Man 3 Iron Assemblers Action Figure Assortment: 14 "Connectable" figures (wave 1, Feb 2013) with multiple interchangable pieces to deliver maximum customization. Wave 2 in March and Wave 3 in April. We are betting these are 3 and 3 quarter inch.

Iron Assemblers Battle Vehicle: Tony Stark's stylish ride launches your Iron Assembler figure out of the front, mimicking a scene from the movie. Almost all figures are compatible. Feb 2013 A second vehicle is said to join it in March.

Iron Man 3 10 inch Arc Strike figures: Bring Iron Man to life with true flight simulation. Battle mode and flight mode included, each with unique sounds, movie phrases and light patterns. His head tilts back into flight mode! Iron Man and Iron Patriot scheduled for release in Feb 2013.

Iron Man 3 12 inch Hero Series figures: The Flip and Attack motif takes on a greater scale! Pull these vehicles back to send it off into action and transformation into a 12 inch scale figure with 3 points of articulation and limited deco. Iron Man hits in February and Iron Patriot hits in May.

There will also be role play (of course) with an Arc FX Glow in the Dark Mask for Iron Man and Iron Patriot (march), A Mission Mask with Arc Infusion power up effects and dramatic weapons reveal..pop-out missile projectiles on each side, targeting light, SFX and light-up eyes! 4 missiles included (Feb)...and an FX Gauntlet with Arc Infused power up blasting featuring motorized disc shooting (comes with 10 disks) (Jan 2013).

Ultimate Spider-Man 6 inch action figures: Wave 1 Jan 2013. Heavy on the accessories..weapons that fire, battle armor that snaps on, etc.

Also a 3 and 3 quarter inch line coming featuring Power Webs that power a unique action accessory. Heroes and Villains included in the line. Feb 2013. This line will be the one to watch, though I'm curious how many Marvel Zombies want to recreate their Marvel Universe in an animated, ultimate style?

10 inch Electroweb Spider-Man: features an electro-shock web gauntlet with electric sound and light effects. Speaks phrases right from the cartoon. Jan 2013

Power Webs Spider Bike: Launch Spider-Man into battle with the iconic Spider Cycle powered by Power Webs! The Spider Cycle includes a 3 and 3 quarter inch power webs figure with action accessory and stunt ramp for all the coolest tricks. Removable stunt ring ensures optimal landing performance.

Ultimate Spider-Man Spider Pods: Blind Bags (1 figure and 1 pod) Jan 2013, Starter Kit includes 4 figures, 2 pods and a launcher (also Jan 2013), Battle pack comes with 6 figures, 2 pods and a launcher (March 2013), Deluxe Pack Set includes 9 figures, 3 pods and a deluxe vehicle launcher (March 2013) If you can squint as well as I can, you'll see characters include Spider-Man, Hulk, Dr. Doom, Sandman, The Lizard, Kraven the Hunter, Goblin, Power Man, Iron Fist, Thor, Iron Spider-Man, J.Johnah Jameson, Nick Fury, Venom, Rhino, Doc Ock, The Beatle and Iron Man. So...WHERE IS OUR TINY AGENT COULSON???!!! Make it happen, Hasbro. Don't screw this one again.

Supplemental: Some people asked about the absence of Marvel Universe figures in this lineup. There's two ways to look at this. 1. Just because I didn't see any MU amid these listings doesn't mean it isn't coming. 2. With all of these 3 and 3 quarter inch figures hitting in the first quarter, I doubt there is room for more. While I have little hope for MU or Marvel Legends for the first quarter, I'd expect at least another ML wave by Q2 (since there was plenty shown at San Diego Comic Con and they need to keep that line moving along), then maybe more MU in Q3. Let's look at what hasn't been released yet, based on what we saw at SDCC 2012:

Uncanny X-Men Greatest Team Pack
The Inhumans Greatest Team Pack
Magneto and Captain America X-Men vs Avengers Comic Pack
Wolverine and She-Hulk X-Men vs Avengers Comic Pack
Black Costume Spider-Man and Doctor Doom Greatest Battles Pack
Spider-Man and Rhino Greatest Battles Pack

A West Coast Avengers Set
And then singles..Mysterio, Puck, Professor X (slotted for 2013 with Jubilee and Blastaar), Nova...and that's the lot, correct? 

I suppose you could also add the white suited Venom (Antivenom? I'm out of the loop) from the SDCC Diorama, which seems more likely to get a release than the Green Goblin head on the suited body and Purple Man, who both look like kit bashes to gauge fan interest..or just poke the bear. There was also this blond coming out of the sky..and I have no idea who she is. Like I said..I'm not the most avid Marvel reader nowadays. SO..that seems to be all there is for the time being. If they show new figures at Toy Fair in February, we aren't likely to see them until Q3 as per my above speculation, so all seems in order. I happily invite folks to comment below with their ideas on the subject, as in this matter, there are certainly more intense fans out there than myself who are paying way more attention to what is going on with this line.

Supplemental 2: Was reminded- Thor: The Dark World drops 11/8/2013 - So if the toys drop 1 to 2 months before the movie does, that puts yet another line of Marvel 3 and 3 quarter inch figure on pegs, possibly in the 3rd quarter. Still room for Marvel Universe in that time slot I say. 


  1. Excellent news Paul, any info on the Marvel Universe line?

    1. Not yet but the way news has been spilling out of companies, we'll be watching! I'm curious to see if they chill on the MU line for a while. Don't they usually do that when an "in-house" movie line drops? Like they chilled when the Avengers line dropped but not so much when Amazing Spider-Man was hitting. They don't like to divert attention too much. Now with a movie line (Iron Man 3) and an Avengers Animated line..who knows?