Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Professor Elemental - I'm Brittish

No snow today, but quite a bit of wet, which makes me long for my days of intense stomach pains from bad food, unruly weather and bitter, bitter cold as we stood alongside some old rocks. Yes, I speak of my adventure to the UK...where people reroute for a peacock in the road and you aren't allowed to have water with lunch at the pub. It's just not done. Here's a message from one of our favorite Brits; Professor Elemental, who would like to play you a jaunty little tune...

"Well hello. To counter this dark, wintery drudge we find ourselves wedged inside, may we offer a little splendid summer sunshine - the first single from the BRAND NEW Professor Elemental album, 'Father Of Invention'. Available right blooming now, from http://www.professorelemental.com - Starring the great and good from the world of Steampunk and beyond!


Directed by Moog http://www.peculiana.com with music by Tom Caruana http://www.teasearecords.net
Oh, and thanks everso much for watching. You are lovely."

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