Thursday, November 8, 2012

The World War Z Trailer Drops

The zombie apocalypse continues across all media!! Max Brooks' tale of the zombie vs human war made for a pitched battle on the Hollywood playing field over who might get to bring the book to the big screen. That battle is now legendary. Since then, we've heard of several pitfalls that had befallen production and wondered if this project would ever show it's decaying green skin in the light of day. Today...we got an answer...

BEWARE....the return of FAST ZOMBIES!!!  Thanks to Dread Central for the vid! June 2013 can't get here quick enough. Now we just have to survive the real fucking apocalypse...


  1. Thanks for this unfortunate tip...I'm sorry but this pisses me off to no end. My fears are confirmed. They officially slaughtered this amazing book. The only thing the two share is the title which makes me wonder, why didn't they just make their own zombie least max brooks got some cash out of it. Maybe he'll write something else equally awesome to his past works. btw, is it me or are they going heavy on the Transformers/Prometheus sound cues in this trailer?

    1. Yea that surge sound will always make me think of Giant Fucking doubt. Two ways to look at this. 1. Yes, Max gets a chunk of cash. Yay Max. 2. Big budget horror is good for EVERYONE who loves horror. That said, I honestly don't care that the movie is World War Z in name alone as long as they entertain me. They are already bringing an element of zombies into play no one has before..that of the mindless, relentless killing machine with zero self preservation or caring for the creature next to it. That, in itself, is pretty damn scary.