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Heather Buckley VS New York Comic Con 2012: Day 2 & 3

We sent Heather Buckley to New York Comic Con 2012 to discover the wonders of this nerdy oasis in the heart of the mean city, knowing full well her horror convention instincts would lead her to adventure. We found Heather, crumpled and beaten, at the bottom of the stairs at Midtown Comics. It seems she stayed alive just long enough to write up this blog, edit her pictures and pen a lengthy odyssey-like tale of love and loss starring Peter Weller and Philip K. Dick. It was a buddy movie. The latter will be released in 2016, when Peter Weller has ripened. For now...this is Heather Buckley's Comic Con tale...


My key goal today was to meet Christopher Lloyd. It was 50 bucks for his autograph and I had my Christopher Lloyd sack with me it case he could be captured and displayed in my parlor. I even posted the price and banner with Lloyd’s name on it to crowd source my answer: do I do it?

I mean, Lloyd is getting up there and when I was 14 years old, we were asked to write a letter to our favorite person and I picked him. I made my Mother tape every Taxi episode he was on. I loved him in Back to the Future, One Flew over the Cuucook’s Nest, Amazing Stories... I had to meet him, even if it was for one second. I needed a brush with Lloyd greatness.

In my possession were 2 VHS tapes; one being Roger Rabbit, the other Cuckoo’s Nest. Does he sign 1? Does he sign both? Does he sign neither? I waited on line for about 20 minutes. Shifting, wondering what do I say? How long do I get? I never get people’s autographs anymore, and when I have to interview the ones I am giddy about I “pretend” not to be impressed. As Rutger Hauer asked me once, “Nervous?” “Of course not.” And I was all (ROY BATTY HOLY SHIT in my brain) and then I got on with it because I’m not a first year fucking thief. I’m a professional.

So I am waiting. Money in hand. I asked the Mom in back of me if she'd take a picture (which she failed doing). And now it was my chance, I decided to go with the Judge Doom glossy (Jude Doom being my boyfriend) and  2.5 seconds later I got a glossy signed and mumbled my 14-year-old little Heather story. I did get to shake his hand (of which I will never wash again) and that was it. It was like a transaction in a whorehouse. I give your handler (sic Madame) the money. I get to touch you for 1 millisecond and we’re done. Mr. Lloyd, you make a high priced call girl and I like it.

I took a pic of my treasure and posted it for all to see and be jealous of and covet.

After that was over with I walked around taking bad pictures of people in costumes. I am known for my bad pictures and my inability to hold a camera still, which I am getting better at. My favorite of the Cosplayers was a chick dressed as SheRa, who was trying to eat her mac and cheese.  I told her played I with her when I was little... which is true, but I always liked Catra better. (I did not tell her this lest she know I am aligned with the evil action figures—which I am). Then there was a short Cobra Commander looking for love in all the wrong places. Two colorful furry monster apes. Oh and a Barf from Spaceballs. He seemed like marrying material to me.



Here, on the last day of my Comic Con journey where I walk around and find cool things for Paul’s readership (that's you and you, but no no not you). I decided to start in the back where the indie artists were and find what was hot and what was not, to me, in about 3 hours time.

My first find was VELOCITRON ( Ricky Wilson’s creations in particular are as if Godzilla met Lovecraft in Dagon. I spotted the influence and confirmed it so. Of note was his melted zombie skull-sculpt, which was influenced by Fulci. City of the Living Dead all the way I said. Other influences noted were Inhumanoids (especially Tendril), the manga artist Hino and Kaiju, of course.


Next (and this one is for the ladies) Martha Rotten ( )—ghastly jewels for ghoulish girls. I liked the pewter bracelet made out of a cast of her boyfriend’s teeth and all those tasty nun rings. Her line at Comic Con was insane so we did not get to chat much. I desire most of her 'wares and always see her at the local horror cons, so check her out.


For a femme fatale touch, there was Rock Love ( More delicate and classical..and then the down right oddities/punk goth of Martha—Allison at Rock Love creates pieces you can wear to work and still feel a bit like a rock star. Some might have spotted her work creeping into such HBO shows as True Blood (those black bone roses on Pam), and they’ll be more on the way with a Viking-inspired line for that male vampire in your life. Rock Love also signed with Clive Barker to create some exclusive jewels out of his artwork. I hope she moves into Hellraiser gear soon—I need to be adorned with torture devices STAT . From her table I liked the tenacle earrings and the inverted crosses. (Hail Satan) Apparently so does Kat Von D.


Now for the Oddities in your house, look no further then the baby skulls and monkey things (Chaka and Pickles respectfully) sold by ( the Gemini Company. For all your faux freakshow needs, creator and owner John Weisgerber brings you his handcrafted freaks at affordable prices. I’d like a Fiji mermaid for Christmas, please. The name comes from his astrology sign... and that conjoined baby skeleton that lives in his head. At least that is what he told me.


I also like this bat from House of Darkly. I hugged it too.

Our last stop was STRYCHNIN Galleries ( I was taken by their whimsical tentacle girl and various one-of-a-kid doll sculpts, some created by folks that animate Tim Burton’s works. You can visit their galleries in Berlin, NYC, or London. I am not always thrilled with pop surrealism, but they seem to do a good job curating interesting things. 3 stars outta 4.


After all this, it was now time to wrap it up and purchase an item for myself. That’s right, I purchased a Kenner Toys baby Ewok from the 80s that I spotted at The Toy Cave ( While vintage My Little Pony stuffs also distracted me at the booth, I knew I needed this baby Ewok. So cute and fluffy. It was, at first, not going to happen. Maybe I did not NEED a baby Ewok. Comic Con was closing... what if I could not find the booth again? ...But my mind would not get off the subject of Endor and oh how nice it would look next to all other doll babies at the Buckley household. He is now hanging out with Nummins as I pen this last entry from the Upper West Side in NYC, having been thrown from my Jersey home due to the apocalyptic weather. I hope they are both safe and the zombie Stormstroopers do not get them. Reports from CNN said they have spotted laser blasts and Banthas next to Journal Square. Over and out and may the Shwartz be with you.

For Day 1, CLICK HERE . RIP Heather Buckley 1918-2012

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