Monday, November 12, 2012

LAST DAY to Get Your Castle Grayskull!

Let's face it...the complaint is a whiny one. Oh Castle Grayskull is too small! I can't get my He-Man through the door properly without making him duck like when I go over to Grandpa's house and have to be sure not to take my head off as I descend into the cellar because obviously folks were shorter back then?? To be a respectable scale, your tiny, childlike frame would have to drag out a 2 foot plus playset every time you wanted to make pew pew noises at Hordak and the Snake Men, risking permanent injury when that construct falls over, crushing your legs to pulp. Now you're in a wheelchair for life...but you got that Castle Grayskull problem licked!! Who would create such an insane piece of plastic?  MATTYCOLLECTOR WOULD!!

Since Mattel is filled with folks who hear your mews of longing and often, share them, they set out to make your dreams come true....and today is the LAST DAY to make it happen.  Here's the skinny...

Standing solitary in the desolate lands of Eternia®, the legendary Castle Grayskull® offers sanctuary for He-Man® and those who stand for all that is good. An essential component in the original Masters of the Universe® toy line, this long-awaited icon is finally available for pre-order. Whether you’re a dedicated fan of the original series or new to the Classics line, no collection will truly be complete without Castle Grayskull®!

Our all-new Castle Grayskull® playset is slated for a late 2013 release. Because it’s still in its very earliest stage, the final design is subject (and likely) to change. Why are we offering it for pre-order now and asking you to make a commitment when the design hasn’t been finalized? Because the production cycle for an item like this takes over a year and is extremely costly. If we don’t reach the minimum pre-order goal by November 12th, we can’t go forward.

So, here’s everything we can tell you at this time…

Product Features

    - It’s Castle Grayskull®!
    - Ideally, the set will include everything shown in the “B sheet” product drawings to the left, but please remember these are working drawings and aren’t final yet.
    - If produced, this will be the largest, most ambitious MOTUC item ever made – the dimensions are expected to be somewhere around 25”h x 26”w x 28”d (subject to change).
    - Castle Grayskull will be nestled safely in a closed box featuring all new art by Rudy Obrero, the very same artist who created the original box art (as well as the MOTUC Wind Raider and Granymyr™ box art)!
    - The overall sculpt will be based on the original 1981 prototype, with the addition of an extra battle ledge, elongated jaw/face, a removable minaret on top of the dome and more!
    - Just like the vintage toy, it will be a two-sided foldout but there will be three levels to show off your MOTUC figures (in scale with most of our 6.5” figures). The vintage set only had two levels, but we’ve added another across the top for maximum display options.
    - Two secret doors – the first, a traditional door that opens out the back, and the second one, a secret brick wall that exits to the outside ledge.
    - Trap door leading to the dungeon (of course) that has an opening door, plus “locks” and chains to hold one figure.

    - Throne fits most 6.5” MOTUC figures – who will rule your Castle Grayskull®?
    - Bat wing jet pack and training device were both cut from the vintage prototype and finally get a chance at production!
    - Working elevator like the ‘81 prototype had, but we’ve added back the red skull on top that was cut. The elevator goes to all three levels, not just two levels like vintage toy.
    - Real opening Jawbridge just like you remember, only cooler!
    - Have Wind Raider? The playset will include an attachment so you can be ready for air-battle at a moment’s notice (and create a complete diorama).
    - Secret Orb room is hidden inside the dome.
    - Removable ladder to the roof leads to a blaster and the flag of Castle Grayskull®.
    - Carrying handle is optional for easy transport or clean display.
    - Did we mention… it’s Castle Grayskull®!

CLICK HERE for further info and the all important ordering guidelines! The little thermometer/meter telling you how close they are to making this ridiculously massive plaything is approaching the goal for production.....but it may not be close enough. Order today or cry forever! Sure, it will set you back 250 bones...but seriously...who the hell else is going to make this? EVER?! Castle Pic and Plans courtesy of ActionFigureInsider.

UPDATE:  You did it! In a last minute rush, you fans rallied the troops and saved Castle Grayskull®. Not only were enough pre-orders placed to hit the minimum production goal needed to go into production, you went all He-Man® vs. Skeletor® on it and CRUSHED it!

At the end of next year, you’ll be the proud owner of the biggest, most iconic, most detailed, most accessorized piece of Masters of the Universe® real estate ever built! Pre-orders are now open again and all pre-orders placed between the original start date of October 16th through January 4th at 9am PT will include a first-ever exclusive Masters of the Universe® Classics cross-sell poster. Not only that, but everyone who pre-orders will have the chance to vote on which MOTUC heroes and villains appear on new Rudy Obrero-designed packaging art (around spring 2013).

If you’ve already placed a pre-order, you’ll receive an email confirming your order is going through. This is only an order confirmation — you will NOT be charged until your Castle Grayskull® ships next year. And if you haven’t placed an order yet, click here now to stake your claim!

We realize you took a leap of faith by pre-ordering based only on a few drawings and a foam mockup. We’re honored and grateful, and know we have the best fans anywhere. The design team is hot to get started on a sculpt that will rock your MOTUC world. We’re hoping to reveal it around New York Toy Fair in February and will keep you updated every step of the way.

On behalf of Mattel and the team, a heartfelt “thank you” for making this happen!

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