Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wolverine Figures Join the 2013 Lineup

I knewwww we were forgetting someone. When we last played "What's Dropping Next Year?!" we outlined a stack of releases for Iron Man 3, the animated Avengers Assemble series and a whole range of products for the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. We assume we'll have Thor: The Dark World product in there somewhere as well (more than likely 1 to 2 months before its November 2013 release). All that cast a sort of dire light on the future of the 3.75 inch Marvel Universe line...seeing as how crowded the pegs will be all year. Despite this log jam of plastic alongside RACKS of Amazing Spider-Man goods (that have just been replenished with a new wave), dwindling Avengers product and that Iron Man 2 stuff that never seems to want to go to clearance...there is still...another (spoken in Yoda's voice).
Our pal Wolverine has a second film where he'll be slicing his way through many a ninja and samurai in Japan, and so, there must be more plastics. Not much intel on the lines so far, but we do know they'll be leading with 3.75 inch action figures (naturally, like the first movie's lineup) and will begin dropping this February, followed by a second wave of figures in March. There's roleplay on tap as you'd expect, but we've only seen mention of the pop up, electronic claws that are probably a rehash of the first film's release. Those are due out in April. So..consider what little info is here as law, save for those pesky release dates that tend to fluctuate and the logo that seems to just be the branding graphic for Wolverine. We'll be digging for more info so keep yourself glued right here!

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