Thursday, November 29, 2012

The NECA Report: Carrie, Prometheus and Gremlins

Our last NECA update showed off a long awaited Portal figure for the game-obsessed alongside a new Dutch from Predator and a new scale for Gears of War action figures! Today's update isn't as earth shattering, but a Carrie action figure (though not based on the original film) is something to shout about..isn't it?

NECA continue their domination of the horror plastics universe with two new action figures from the upcoming Carrie remake (releasing March 15, 2013) with Chloƫ Grace Moretz (Hit Girl) in the title role. The 7 inch figure duo make up a sort of before and depicting the moment just before being crowned Prom Queen...and one right after, drenched in pig's blood and gearing up tear some students apart with her freaky mind powers. The latter is sure to be a sought after piece for horror fans...unless they are King/De Palma purists, in which case they can sit there with their frowny faces and leave the plastics for the rest of us. The pair are said to drop (individually) late January. That's late Feb/Early March for those in the US.

Next up, we'll get a refresher look at the second wave of Prometheus action figures. We first saw these at San Diego Comic Con, but the pre-orders are beginning to drop so the official images are now available...and honestly, do the ladies reading need an excuse for me to show more pics of Plastic Fassbender? I think not. Nothing changed from SDCC apart from the release order. We'll be getting David with his alternate helmeted head and Deacon, that lovable Alien baby, with a dissected Engineer head and Hammerpede accessories. Halloway has been bumped to a later series. We can also expect to see that David head (pulled off his body) with a series 3 figure (my bet is on Shaw!) These should drop around late February. Series 3 will include Vickers and Shaw.

Last up is the girl you've been dreaming about ever since Robert Picardo had a makeout session with her. It's Greta..that lovely Gremlin vixen from Gremlins 2. NECA would never be content to JUST give you wave after wave of Gremlins action here's a full-size Greta stunt puppet prop replica as a bonus! Gentlemen, start your credit card machines.

From the second Gremlins movie, this Greta stunt puppet prop replica is full-size and so lifelike you’ll swear you were at the Clamp Center! Cast directly from an original film-used stunt puppet! Hand painted! This prop replica is an absolute must-have for any Gremlins collector! Rubber & Latex Replica Gremlin stands nearly 30″ tall and includes a custom metal stand. Limited to 1000 pieces WORLDWIDE.

NOTE: Release date info is based on international solicits, so wait for your local, favorite toy pusher to list their pre-orders for a more solid idea on the drops.

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