Tuesday, April 16, 2013

90's Captain America > Avengers Captain America?

Welp..he's certainly more amusing...in the way that things that are so bad they are, by default, awesome, are amusing.
Steve Rogers happens to be the best candidate out of six hundred volunteers. He has the power to save millions. Only he could defeat a superhuman madman.  But saving the world let him trapped in an icy grave until fate released him to finish a battle that started decades ago. Now an evil genius in on the verge of global domination and only Captain America can stop him! On May 21, 2013, Shout! Factory will unleash the long-awaited 1990 action sci-fi movie classic CAPTAIN AMERICA, starring Matt Salinger (What Dreams May Come), Ronny Cox (Total Recall, RoboCop), Ned Beatty (Toy Story 3, Superman), Darren McGavin (The X-Files), Michael Nouri (NCIS, Damages) and Scott Paulin (Castle, JAG), in a special Collector’s Edition Blu-ray™.

Available for the first time on Blu-ray™, CAPTAIN AMERICA COLLECTOR’S EDITION features widescreen movie presentation in astonishing high-definition and insightful new interview with director Albert Pyun and actor Matt Salinger.  A must-have for movie collectors, comic book enthusiasts and young aspiring heroes to complete their pop culture library, this definitive collector’s edition release of CAPATAIN AMERICA: Collector’s Edition Blu-ray has a suggested retail price of $14.97. Pre-order is now available at ShoutFactory.com and Amazon.com.

Here's the 90's Captain America trailer. It's low rez so...you've been warned!

Long ago, Steve Rogers (Matt Salinger) was a true American hero, a brave super soldier created by scientists to help the Allied Forces fight for freedom in World War II. But during a battle with the sinister Red Skull (Scott Paulin), he was lost, entombed in ice. Decades later, his body has been found and revived and Steve must again don the mantle of Captain America to help save the President of the United States (Ronny Cox) — and the world — from his arch-nemesis once and for all.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: COLLECTOR’S EDITION Bonus Content: Brand New Interviews: Looking Back At Captain America With Director Albert Pyun and actor Matt Salinger

Rated PG-13 - 1080p-High Definition Widescreen (1.78:1)/Stereo/1990/Color/97 minutes

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