Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Closer Look at the Dixon Brothers 2 Pack

Walking Dead frenzy is still alive and well, though we are in the long wait til season 4 rears it's rotting head. One look at facebook on Sunday will tell you our buddy Daryl is missed by millions of ladies across the planet. McFarlane understands your neeeed for more Daryl and so, they've made it easier to score a lil plastic version without spending 100 bucks on Ebay. By request, we've got NEW pics of the Dixon Brothers Action Figure 2 pack with side by side comparisons so you can see the slight changes made, ensuring those with the original figures have something unique while the rest of you get to fill that hole in your collection. Hit the jump for the goods...

The original figure is on the left and 2 pack version on the right.

Two badass, backwoods, rebel yelling redneck brothers thrust against an unyielding onslaught of ravenous undead. Both original Atlanta survivors, Daryl and Merle Dixon have proven time and again, blood is thicker than brain matter! Family reunions can be a bitter sweet pill to swallow, especially in a world inhabited by The Walking Dead!

Both of these highly detailed figures for this much anticipated 2-pack are in full-color and feature the exact likeness of the characters from the show, using a 3D scan of actors themselves. The Daryl Dixon figure comes 20 points of articulation, crossbow, hunting knife, fire axe, pick axe, and prison keys (the original came with a crossbow, hunting knife, fire axe, pick axe, and a string of squirrels.) The Merle Dixon figure is re-armed and ready for action with 20 points of articulation, prosthetic arm with bayonet, assault rifle, pistol and knife (accessories seem to be the same unless the knife is no longer removable.) Then there are the obvious changes to Merle's shirt and Daryl's pants.

CLICK THIS LINK to pre-order the set and avoid the painful hunt when they hit stores!

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