Monday, April 8, 2013

Lay Your Head Upon the Sigils of Westeros

For those completely addicted to Game of Thrones, the launch of Season 3 brings mixed blessings. Every Sunday night, HBO takes you away to your favorite fantasy destination for rousing games of "Who is Lord Tyrion going to piss off this week?", or "WHOO do we get to see nekkid today?" or the best one, which involves praying to 7 Gods you make up at random to strike down that little shit King Joffrey in mid sentence. And you thought life would end after Walking Dead's season finale. There is one small problem, though. Each episode of Game of Thrones is so much fun, it makes the week in between each episode seem like an eternity. First World Problems, indeed. This is where Idle Hands comes in. We figure, if we can fill your lives with trinkets, baubles and statues of Tyrion charging into battle with axe in hand, we just might get through those cold days together. Today, we add to that list of desires with Factory Entertainment's Game of Thrones House Sigil Throw Pillow Assortment.

"Bring a touch of Westeros to your home with these elegant throw pillows featuring the house sigils on the front and mottos on the reverse of House Stark, House Targaryen and House Lannister. Each pillow is crafted in the shape of a heraldic shield from exquisite velveteen textured fabric. The Pillows have an ultra-soft filling and measure 22 inches long x 15 inches wide and 6 inches thick."

Factory Entertainment are in the middle of approvals on their Game of Thrones plush line as well, which will include a 3 Eyed Raven and Dire Wolves...soo...get yo cash ready!

CLICK HERE to pre-order all three Game of Thrones pillows!

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