Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tony Stark Carjacked

You may recall some time back, we got into a little dispute with Hasbro over some Iron Man 3 merchandise images we ran. I thought we should be allowed to run images already available and made public by Hasbro representatives online. Their line was I should only be running images they hand to me personally. Suffice to say, we disagreed. The largest point of their ire was over images of an "Assemblers Battle Vehicle" which allows Tony Stark to be rocketed into the action from the front of the car via high tech in-line skates, harkening back to the old skate boots that actually existed in classic Iron Man comics..or so we thought. The box or wordage that came with the product suggested this bit of ridiculous action was not just made to sell more Starkmobiles, but actually mimics a scene straight from the movie. The tenacity of Hasbro's legal department would suggest that information was correct.

NOW! Flash forward to April 30th...a mere three days away from the opening of Iron Man 3. While I would never ruin anything in the film for you, I will tell you one item that isn't there. That damn Battle Vehicle...in any shape or form. If it was there during the development phase of Hasbro's toy lines.. it's gone now. Makes you wonder why I still have a cease and desist on articles on my website, hmmmmm? Someone should make this right...some day.

I'll also remind you of the Omelete report from Simon Philips, President of Marvel Entertainment International and Consumer Products, where he remarked Tony's new suits include fan favorites from past comics and a suit for Pepper Potts. He went on to mention "In the hospital, Tony is injected with the Extremis virus" (which, in the comics, allows Stark a more cellular control of his tech and further interfacing with other technology through sheer will..phones, computers, global satellite networks..you name it.) Philips explained the virus allows Stark to “create new armors from leftover pieces of older ones. The man may have said this, but either he was having some fun with the reporters, looking to drive early sales of the Assemblers action figure line, or was smoking the heavy duty kush. None of this happens.

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