Saturday, July 6, 2024

MAX Drops Trailer for Harley Quinn Spinoff - Kite Man: Hell Yeah!

MAX DC Comics Kite Man Hell Yeah animated series poster
Batman's E List baddies continue to grab 10 seconds of fame through the animated worlds of Warner Bros and DC Comics. Most often, we get a 5 second gag from the likes of Calendar Man or Crazy Quilt, but SOMETIMES we get an epic episode starring the likes of The Music Meister, leading our favorite heroes to their doom with a snazzy beat. The wacky Harley Quinn cartoon, smeared wall to wall with gross jokes and profanity, was the perfect place for such doofus ne'er-do-well , and so ... Kite Man found a home..and a place in our hearts we didn't know we needed to fill...with a Kite Man. What we didn't expect...was a spin-off!!

Kite Man and Golden Glider take their relationship to the next level by opening a bar in the shadow of Lex Luthor’s Legion of Doom. Nobody said serving cold ones to the most dangerous rogues outside of Arkham Asylum would be easy, but sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and how to hide a body.

Kite Man: Hell Yeah! premieres July 18 exclusively on Max.

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